Shout Out to Mark: Thanks For Being You!

Related imageI am in VA as I type this. Flew into BWI yesterday and rented a car and drove to VA. Saturday morning or so I am going to drive to DE so I can see my Fusion (gym) friends who I miss dearly and anyone else I can see in the short time I am there. Sunday I go see another friend then fly out from BWI on Sunday night.

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Quick trip but I needed to come see Dad. Can you believe it has been 2 months since I left DE and drove to TN? Wow, time flies. I am here at Dad’s now getting him straight and doing odd and ends. News flash: It is hot and humid here too…TN does not have the monopoly on that!

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But this post is to my amazing husband who is again taking the reins (Ha get it) and taking care of the ponies at home. Last time he did it he only had Remus. This time he does have Tate in the mix too. Mark is not horsey at all. He likes them fine but treats them more like big dogs. But whatever works. So the fact that he cleans two stalls, waters and feeds, hays, turns in and out of fields etc. is a miracle.

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I did board the dogs so he didn’t have to deal with them on his work days as well but he will pick them up on the way home from work on Friday so that is not too long for them to be boarded.

Mark just goes above and beyond whatever I ask him to do. We bought this house with land and he has been clearing out brush, dodging wasps and snakes, and pretty much doing it all without complaining (much). His idea of a relaxing evening is him playing on his guitars or on his computer or watching classic television. I am not sure this is his idea of fun times. But he does it.

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Mark out in the yard trimming bushes LOL

I know it won’t be the same level of crazy care that I provide to the horses (and dogs) because let’s face it I am INSANE and OCD to the 9th degree but as long as the horses are fly sprayed and taken care of with clean water and hay and their feed and supplements I think they will survive.

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Pretty sure this is Remus and Tate about now…

He even noticed a scrape on Tate’s back yesterday and told me about it (I am sure it is from Mr. Itchy Butt scratching on the trees, Tate not Mark). So here’s to Mark. Because one thing I have figured out fast in 2 months. You can’t just fly the coop without someone there to mind all the animals. Whew. Thanks Mark! I do appreciate you more than you know. Love ya! See ya Sunday night!

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To my loving husband 🙂

And I need to find a horse sitter so my husband and I can travel again together. LOL So thank your other halves that help with our nutty horse habits. I think most of us have guys (or girls) like this that unfailingly help even when they aren’t sure what they are doing. Here’s to them all!! We could not do it without you!

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14 thoughts on “Shout Out to Mark: Thanks For Being You!

  1. I don’t know… Erik “let” Jiminy loose one year when I was in Seattle and then freaked out to me on the phone. Then when I said I’d figure out how to come home, threatened to divorce me… Then caught Jiminy, locked him in the shed (with hay and water) THEN FELT BAD AND LET HIM OUT AND HE GOT LOOSE AGAIN. My conference friends STILL ask me if the pony is behaving and/or running loose every. single. time. I see or talk to them. OMG.

    Now Erik takes time off from work when I got to conferences because he fears Jiminy will get out. Never mind that Jiminy is safe the other 358 days a year…

    There was also that time that I went away just when Subi needed to have medication squirted down his throat 2x/day. Subi is NOT easy to medicate. And soaked hay (which he would NOT eat). I’m not sure how either of them survived that ordeal while I went to visit a friend for 2 nights…

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  2. My husband just did Thursday to Sunday with the retired crew while I was at a horse show and I was very thankful. Stampede is always a special flower and P still has a no fly spray rule so he gets outfitted in fly armor each morning. Gary tries hard to keep up with the crazy levels of OCD I have for horse care. That plus three dogs (one being a puppy) and he was quite tired when I got home.
    We are some lucky ladies having men who put up with our horse crazy!

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  3. He’s a good one for sure! I am an old spinster, no other half to pitch in. But I do have a list of capable horse sitters. Definitely get to know a few, it will be a lifesaver! Maybe your new horsey friend can recommend someone.

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  4. Aww, good guy Mark! Even though my husband can drive me insane, I do have to hand it to him that he is pretty good with my horses. When we were first dating and went to the barn to do chores and he started cleaning stalls alongside me, I knew I had to marry him hahahaha.

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  5. The first year we brought my mare home we borrowed a friends retired horse to be her companion. On the second day retiree was at our place I was paged at work to a frantic husband on the phone saying “oh my god we killed their horse! He’s dead, flat out in the hay”…. my response was “go in the barn, grab a bucket of grain and shake it”… he was almost hysterical saying “no. No. You don’t understand.” Then all I heard is silence, grain shaking and “oh. He was sleeping. He’s eating grain now. Byyye”.

    Classic overreaction from my husband, but the fact that he cares so deeply about our horses makes me happy.

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