So Glad to Be Home: Too Bad It’s Monday!

The sky as I got to DE on Sat afternoon….crazy!

I had my whirlwind trip to the East Coast (yes it is just as hot and humid there as in Tenn and also they got a lot of rain) and got my dad all set up for stuff and then went and saw friends. Had a blast catching up with people. But was ready to get home to my husband, dogs, and horses.  But def miss my East Coast people! Come see me in TN once it cools up 🙂 I had a delay getting home from BWI but arrived after 11 pm last night so was happy to be home!

Just hanging out (at my dad’s look at this squirrel HA)

Remus and Tate did okay with Mark. The stalls were cleaner than I expected them to be but I think Mark needs to learn how much hay is enough because I still have a lot of hay left (HA I think Remus and Tate were on a diet while I was gone, maybe not a bad thing). But they were taken care of and didn’t look like they suffered too much. Remus’s eyes gleamed when he saw his hay rack full this am and he nickered loudly when I first came in the barn this am. LIKE THANK GOD SHE IS BACK.


Tate is just adorable as ever. Poor Remus is really suffering with the bugs. He has lumps all over but they aren’t hives I think they are bug bites. He is back with fly sheet on today along with fly mask and sprayed all over (I know Mark was spraying them a lot because I had to make up more fly spray this morning, so good job Mark). The bugs are just intense. Tate doesn’t seem to be bothered by them as much. Why are some horses so much more sensitive? Anyone have any idea?? Is it because Tate is darker? Hardier? Tougher skinned?? LOL who knows.

Not hives…itchy bug bites (look at his hip and by his belly) wtf! Poor Remus!

Dogs were glad I was home and the cat I think was glad to see me (he is not doing great, not eating great so not sure how much longer he will be around but he def was happy to see me, now to get him eating again).  No such worries with the horses. Tate is like nom nom nom this morning!

Mark’s parents arrive in less than 2 weeks so jeez we have to get this house ready. ARGHHH and how can it almost be September? Really??

Image result for oh shit gif
us getting this damn house ready for visitors…

We did get some rain so our turtle beach is not as huge now. Whew, I was getting really worried how low that pond was getting. Otherwise I am back catching up on work and taking time outs to go see my ponies and take the dogs out. Life is good. Now if the damn bugs would go away (I was dive bombed by a wasp at 6 am this am in the rain and relatively cool temps? Dudes GO AWAY NOW).

Image result for go away now gif
Remus and me to the bugs

The one massive fail I had was by being away for the weekend and driving most of it so that I missed the helmet savings. I probably need a new one too as mine is going on 4 years old now (no falls but still). Tell me what deals you scored, people. I know a lot of people probably snared good deals. As my dad says that is my luck. It starts raining soup and I am running around carrying a fork instead of a spoon (an actual family saying at my house).

Image result for fail gifs
my failing to get a helmet is not as funny as this poor cat’s fail….LOL

Farrier comes tomorrow! Fingers crossed he does a great job because farriers around here seem to be scarcer than a cool breeze in August. UGH Remus’s toe is so long but I don’t want him to cut him too short. That is all I need is a lame horse that I don’t ride (I am pretty good about not riding a sound one) HA!

Turtle Beach before we got rain this past week (cameos by Remus and Tate too).

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend (Shout out to May as Well Event for placing so well at her event!) WOOHOO..

16 thoughts on “So Glad to Be Home: Too Bad It’s Monday!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Wait until you see the helmet cam footage from XC. Sending it to you now!

    I’m sure it feels good to be home. How great is it when the “new house” suddenly is your “home”? May also gets the “bad bugs” worse then the other horses. Green flies, horse flies, etc all love her more than other horses. Regular flies seem color agnostic. Go figure.

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  2. Welcome home? Remus looks like Batty does with the fly welts. Some of them are just more sensitive then others? Subi reacts to the gnats, but Batty reacts to the flies. I react to everything.

    Just buy a helmet during the labor day sales? That way you are spending your own money instead of mine… And did you take the rain back with you to TN? Please? We’ve had enough up here!!!!

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  3. Ouch, poor Remus! I did not score a new helmet either, I think I’m going to wait until Black Friday and try to get the navy BOT helmet. Although the navy/rose gold One K is calling my name too…

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  4. ugh that sucks about the bugs for remus. runkle used to get welts like that, i had him on the smart bug off supplement. but i think you can also just feed them straight garlic. it really really helped him.

    I think sometimes it depends where the horses are from and what bugs theyre ‘used’ to. my friend got a mare who lived out 24/7 in the northwest and was fine, but when she came back east she was COVERED in giant lumps (she did the smartbug off too)

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    1. i do think it is part because he is not used to the bugs here.I may (MAY) have just ordered him another fly sheet (Yes that makes 4 or 5). This one has the neck on it which i never used but….might as well right.
      Yesterday they never left the paddock (They can go into the pasture if they want) We had storms and the flies were horrendous. Today he is in his stall waiting for the farrier with his other fly sheet on and in front of a fan. the fly sheet seems to keep the welts down I just didnt want to make Mark put it on while I was gone cause Remus can be a shit sometimes LOL.

      Hot house flower of a horse right? 🙂 HA! I know he was fed garlic in PA so maybe i should get some.


  5. Glad everyone seems to be alive and mostly well… Sorry about your kitty, hope he’s feeling better.
    I didn’t get a helmet either. But most of mine are fairly new and have maybe 5 rides on them. Will probably have to replace greenie at some point, but he should have another year at least.
    Hope things go well with the farrier!

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