Stalls: A Stinky Situation

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This much stink is not good, right?

I am still using the pellets that was discussed earlier. They are still dusty as hell but considering Tractor Supply keeps those pallets in the store and their shavings pallets OUTSIDE IN THE TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS and they are the same cost, ehh I will stick with these for now. (Seriously the shavings were soaked even though they were wrapped in plastic). EWW
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But this post is more about what is under the stall bedding. The previous owners left mats. The one stall I don’t use has the most mats in it. Go figure. This is the stall the farthest into the barn and the one that they cheaped out on and didn’t get the hay feeder or the opening to the feeder. So I just haven’t used that one. Also there is a lot old bedding in there that needs to be tossed. But that stall has like five or six mats in there. Remus’s and Tate’s has two maybe tops. And Remus and Tate are stinky wet horses! (As in pee). PHEW. I have picked up some PDZ but really don’t see much difference if I use that or not.

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SO I have started exploring on types of stall flooring. Because mats are a pain and they move around and stuff gets stuck under them and they stink!

My first foray into the internet for stall flooring I found these: Has anyone heard of these or used these? They are not cheap but they are interesting. My one thought was would they tear (since they are so thin) and would they hold up. They do have a two-year guarantee against rips and tears. So I was wondering if anyone has used these before?

Any other recommendations out there? Considering I clean the stalls about 3-4 times a day I can’t imagine what it would be like if someone else was only cleaning them once a day.  Any suggestions for cutting the odor down too as the PDZ really did not help that much and I am getting low on it now so will need to find something else.

My friend Stephanie also told me about these: which seem similar to the above.

Stall Savers

So what do you use? What works best for you? Inquiring minds wanna know!  The cool thing is if I get something like these I can move those mats out in the paddock under the overhang for the deluge that comes when we have downpours.  Would love any expertise that can be shared, so thanks in advance!!

Meanwhile Remus and Tate are armed for battle this morning for the War Against Flies part seventeen million!! It was actually COOL this am (it is 70 outside right now at 9 am so it was about 60 when I went out this morning at 6! YES). I know it will heat back up but I am enjoying the brief changes in the weather and so are the horses.

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My face as I saw it happen….LOL

Ollie had a tangle with Tate Wednesday that scared the shit out of me. He went into Tate’s stall on his tie out and next thing I knew Tate had the tie out wrapped around his feet AND OLLIE was under Tate. Let’s just say I about freaked out. Yes I did.  Who me?

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Yes me…

Especially when Tate freaked out and leaped up in the air with Ollie attached. I was like there goes my dog. Luckily Tate leaped out of the tie out (somehow), disentangled all his feet that were wrapped up in the cable, and took off out the door and I reeled Ollie back in like a fishing rod. UGH. SO CLOSE. So no more Ollie tied in the barn aisle. I can’t trust him like that unless I am watching him closely. Ollie got yelled at a lot and I am pretty sure he won’t go near that crazy ass pony (Poor Tate) again but wow that was surreal as I watched it happen. I told Mark thank God it was light as a feather athletic Tate compared to lumbering Remus because Ollie would have been flattened. Close call but live and learn.

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seriously I thought I was going to throw up once it was all over.

And I thought it would be BORING living in the country! HA silly me!

Ollie would like to say NOT ME I am no trouble at all. Don’t listen to her! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Stalls: A Stinky Situation

    1. Adding in here. Someone there recommended against stall skins for stinky stalls, as the moisture gets under them and it seems like it can be quite a process to de-stinkify them.

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    1. i also keep a 50lb bag of stall dry available for staff (at their request) since charlie, um, pees. a lot. and his mats are kinda all nasty too. i’m not sure the stall dry is a true solution for you, or more of a band-aid, but i buy mine on amazon and it’s definitely useful to have on hand!

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      1. thanks Emma!! I will look into it. I swear Remus pees ten times a day and Tate is not that much better (HA I was worried Tate wasnt drinking enough? AS IF!)


  1. I have no clue for the stalls but poor Ollie and Tate! And poor you! That must’ve been scary. I’ve been really adamant about teaching Choco not to go into the stalls. Whisper is much better – she’ll avoid Choco like the plague (I think it’s the mouse and elephant thing – Whisper just doesn’t know what to do with her). Since Choco really doesn’t bother Amber even though she does get a bit close to her legs and Amber keeps an ear out, so far the worst Amber has done is pin her ears back and slowly nose Choco like “get out of my stall”. I still have a heart attack tho, so I try to impress as best I can with Choco that entering stalls is a no-no. So far she’s actually doing pretty good lol.

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  2. Scary!!! Hopefully Ollie learned to stay away from the stalls. I don’t let the dogs in the barn at all. They know they can sit outside the door and watch/wait but can’t come in. That way I don’t have to worry about them running under a horse in the cross ties or anything.

    For the stalls – I have no real solution as I avoid having to worry about it by keeping my horses outside 🙂 Watching the video you posted (without sound cuz Waggy ate my computer speakers when she came to work as a puppy), I would think you’d need very good drainage from your stall floor or the water would seep through and puddle under creating mold and even more stench. Maybe they explained that though. I like using Lime Powder (I don’t know what PDZ is…maybe the same or similar?) on bad pee spots, let dry and then top with the bedding material. Seems to work well enough.

    Good luck!! Farm life is NEVER boring 🙂

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  3. So… I have the superstall mats in my barn that I love and hate. I love them for what they were meant for but they do tear. I believe that was a common issue because they are currently not selling them, and trying to come up with a better design for the mats. That said, I’d get them again if I could. I love that the stalls are cushioned, and let me tell you how great that was for Jamp when he was in the worst of the founder. My vets said it was the best thing I could have for him then (besides ice). Tio’s has torn all the way across and I’ve been repairing it with gorilla tape, but it’s not really working anymore. So I will be hunting for a replacement next week. I can let you know what I find!
    Glad Ollie survived that ordeal! So scary!

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  4. How scary! What a relief it wasn’t worse.

    I have nothing to add about the mats. Our yards are currently flooded. It’s a joy…

    Our dogs are scared of the horses, and thankfully give them a wide berth. Henry thinks that he is either a dog, and want to be involved in dog things, or that the dogs are really tiny horses, and he wants to be doing really tiny horse things. I think Henry is just confused!

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  5. OMG! Those stall skins are what’s in my barn! They were installed by the previous owners and I had no idea what they were called until this post, LOL.

    They do work, though as a permeable membrane, but if the stalls get damp then they stink. I use stall-dry on top of them and my bedding depends on my mood at the time and which store I buy from, from TSC I get a local newspaper bedding, from my other home store I’ll get medium shavings or pellets. Sometimes I mix them.

    They also tear. I’ve been at my house for 3 years now and the skins were in place before we bought it. There were already holes and my pitchfork will get caught in the holes if I’m not careful. It’s annoying. And now the side piece that runs around the edge of the stall is coming off too. I need to fix it. Or take them out and reapply? I dunno. I’ll have to look into the website and see what the maintenance is.

    It’s easy to clean though and when my barn occasionally floods the water comes up and through but leaves just as quickly. My stalls are never a soaked awful mess.

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      1. For what it’s worth, right after this I contacted the company and asked about maintenance and they responded nearly IMMEDIATELY, so A+ for responsiveness, lol. They recommended I replace the liner if I’ve got holes. I’ll have to look into what that will cost me since my stalls aren’t box but more rectangular.

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  6. My pony was disgusting. Disgusting! I found that once I bought the appropriate number of mats to cover the whole stall floor and trimmed them so they fit together well and extended out right to the walks, not much got between/underneath them and stall cleaning was a lot easier.

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    1. both Remus and Tate churn the stalls up as in turn around constantly and that is why i think it is such a mess. I put three more bags of pellets in yesterday and was like this am what the hell kind of party did you two have last nite. It was spun together in big piles. and the mats lift up when they do that kind of stuff. LOL thanks!


  7. My mom has interlocking mats that cover the entire 12×12 area so they won’t spin or get lumpy. They’re pricier but definitely worth it when it comes to longevity in your stall! Not sure where to buy them but it’s worth a google search 🙂 I’m about to dive into the foray of stall mats to so any experience you have with various companies and products I’m all ears!!! I’m curious about the stall skins but their website isn’t that helpful. Just enough to make you curious so you HAVE to call them 😂

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