Wild Kingdom Has Nothing on Us Here!

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Who remembers Wild Kingdom? If you do you are old like me ๐Ÿ™‚ But I did love that show! #showingmyage

We sure do see a lot of wild animals here. The good thing is none of them are my actual horses. HA. The farrier came yesterday and did Remus and Tate. They were perfect angels (I was not sure how Tate would be but he was cool though he still has issues crossing the threshold of the stall to the aisle. Kind of funny but it means I can leave stall guard down while doing chores and he won’t walk out of it! HA). I figured Remus would be good, he usually is. The farrier was very nice and has been doing horses’ feet for 30 plus years. He lives right around the corner from me and told me he wasn’t really taking new clients but since Stephanie recommended him to me and I live so close he added me on. WHEW.ย  The farrier loved both the horses (he complimented them both on their manners!) so that helps too.

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no REALLY they were angels, not this kind! ๐Ÿ™‚

He only reset Remus’s shoes and only took a small amount of his toe off. He agreed to keep shoes on his front (he said why mess with success). I have no idea if he will move differently with a new farrier and also if he will hold the shoes on down here or not but we shall see. The guy was certainly a lot cheaper than up in PAย  (I paid less for two shoes back trim and Tate’s trim than I did for Remus up in PA by at least 40 bucks) and hopefully it turns out to be a long-term relationship between him and my horses.


In other news, the doe and fawn made a couple appearances around our farm this week. I saw the doe walking on the pond edges by herself the other day but imagine my surprise when I saw this the other evening.


So cute. Sorry these are so far away I didn’t want to scare her….and him/her either. I guess she leaves the fawn in those grasses by the pond during the day. SO CUTE. OMG

Then I saw this fellow while I was cleaning stalls. Ihave NO IDEA what this is but it was cruising like a centipede when I saw it. I don’t know why I didn’t video him instead.. (too early, not enough coffee!)

Does anyone KNOW wtf this is?ย  I was a bit skeeved out to be honest. But he was cruising…

Speaking of wild animals. I am going to unpack my saddle this week and try to actually POSSIBLY ride my beast if I can. Each day has had storms come through but maybe by the weekend it will be dry enough (right now my field is a muddy mess). Stay tuned to see if he is a lamb or a tiger. Could be either considering he has not been ridden in forever and a day. I have his fly sheet on today to see if we can get some of the welts off his back before I put the saddle on him.

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Hoping for this! Oh please….LOL
IMG_5778 (1)
Remus says no tiger blood here ๐Ÿ™‚


20 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom Has Nothing on Us Here!

  1. Aww the deer are so nice. Outside of the bugs, the place seems very peaceful. The rain has been pretty annoying. Matt got through cutting half the lawn on Monday before a thunderstorm forced him to abandon the project.

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  2. I’m fairly certain that is a millipede. Also… wow, they can get BIG!!! I just did a google image search… gross. I don’t like that many legs. 4 max is my preference!

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  3. I love fawn season!!!!! All the cute little babies out exploring with their moms ๐Ÿ™‚ ahhh!!! If only they stayed so small and adorable โ€ฆ

    Looks like your bug is a millipede and their pretty harmless creatures so you can just watch him go by and enjoy your Wild Kingdom!!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!


    1. he was pretty big (millipede) and I was pretty sure I could still outrun him so I was okay LOL he just creeped me out.

      This fawn is pretty late in the season from what my neighbors say….but so CUTE.


  4. That fawn is sooooooo adorable!! How CUTE! I’d be squealing all the time when I’d see it haha. Love all the critters at your place! That thing sort of looks like it could be a millipede but I am not a bug expert – nor do I want to be haha. Crossing my fingers so hard that you can ride this weekend!

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  5. Boy-o is that a late fawn!!!! Damn. Ours are born April-early June up here. I have a hunch the ones down there could be sooner with the difference in the weather. WTF parents, did you have an accidental late meet up? lol

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    1. yeah my neighbor said the same thing when i told him about it. AND he was almost brand new that day he ran across my feet at the manure pile so he was def an August baby. June are the latest here my neighbor said. And it is just the doe and her fawn no other deer around. This doe is always around here she has a white spot on her side (Like a paint marking) so i know its the same doe! (One night stand HA HA HA)


      1. Oh nice, a piebald! And yeah, she’ll likely keep herself separate from other deer until her baby is a bit bigger. Ours tend to stay isolated for about a month when the fawns are bigger, even then they tend to pair up with other does/fawns so the babies can play. This little one may be all alone in his age group tho haha. It’s good y’all don’t get the winter weather early we do or he’d be ill-prepared.

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      2. you know it. I can’t have just plain horses/deer whatever on my property HA HA HA HA ๐Ÿ™‚ Even my turtles are a rainbow of colors (We have one that is even cream or white colored!) HA HA



    And so are deer! i mean we just have roos… I like all the wildlife you seem to have. Although raccoons seem kinda scary from here!

    Remus will be a magical unicorn good boy pony. He will probably be DEVO his retirement is over!

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  7. ew to the creepy crawlers lol…. but omg that vet sounds like such a great potential fit! i’m jealous about the cheap bill! i never knew how lucky i was with isabel (two up front, bare behind) until i got charlie. what with his leather lined loafers, and now being such a priss about wanting studs…. ugh. oh and let’s not even talk about how he’s just barely clinging to a 5wk cycle…. sigh.

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  8. Ok you place is just gorgeous. If it wasn’t for the bugs and the humidity I would be moving to TN right now!! Just wow, those deer are gorgeous! All the green grass! The pond! Just lovely. SO GLAD you found a good farrier, that can be a difficult hurdle for sure.

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