Wash Out Conditions Makes For a Quiet (But Wet) Weekend….

Lovely gift from our realtor in DE! Love it!

Mark and his parents headed to VA on Friday afternoon and I have had the place to myself. Which sounds good on paper but we have had torrential downpours all weekend so ummm no. I was hoping to figure out a way to climb aboard Remus but with half the soil floating by from all the rain, might have to wait till later this week.

pond be full again LOL!

Temps Sunday were low 70s and Sunday night was calling for 59 low. WOW! It was 98 degree heat index on Saturday how things change!! But the best thing about this weather is the flies are better.ย  Poor Remus is still getting swellings. I put his fly sheet on Saturday and it helped but Sundayย  with the rain I left it off…Saturday morning he had this when I fed him.

ouch flies leave him alone!


It is soft and not hard at all and had gone down a bit on Sunday but still. OUCH. I have a hot house flower of a horse here for sure!

seen from my front door ๐Ÿ™‚

The good news is that they have been going out into the field more. Each day I have seen them out there for a bit till the flies chase them back in. But they weren’t going out at all for a while so this is good. We extended it out so they have more grass now.ย  I love looking out and seeing the ponies essentially in my front yard! ๐Ÿ™‚


Got one off again in the back!! Stinker he is!

Update on the Shoofly Leggins, they seem to stay on the front legs fine but no matter how tight I make them on the back legs he loses at least one each time. Saturday, I finally just put the front ones on. They stayed on.

yay success w front ones

Other news is that there is a combined test in the near vicinity to us (as in an hour or so which is CLOSE for this area) in late October and combined tests down here seem to be dressage and CC (NOT STADIUM) so that makes me happy. They are also offering CC Schooling after the event. My friend Stephanie sent me the pdf form and then told me that these things are so low key that I don’t have to do all the prep I did up in the Northeast. Oh that is funny/ she does not know how little I did to prep up there!!

Image result for very excited gif

HA HA HA so this should be my kind of fly by the seat of my pants event! Of course this may mean I MIGHT need to ride….soon rather than later. HA. The divisions are hilarious too (Modified Terrified anyone)?

No automatic alt text available.


10.27.18 CT entry form

Hello Mr. Stick, how do you do?

And finally the critters are still around. Luckily I have not seen any snakes (yet), but I had another creepy crawling centipede (millipede??) bug in my feed room Sunday am. Pardon the dropped Smartpak as I grabbed my phone to get him as he rambled by. HA

And then the other day I saw a stick insect on our ac unit. I thought it was a praying mantis at first but then realized what it was. How cool is this??

Then if you look for the bright blue tail in this photo you can see one of the blue tailed lizards we have here. He was too fast for me to get on my phone except for his tail but is that not a brilliant blue? Looks like he is a broad headed skink (juvenile) but pretty cool no matter.

IMG_6239 (1)
Look at the top of the photo for the brilliant blue tail!

So what was your weekend like? I am pretty sure most people got more riding in but did anyone else see some odd critters? LOL It is like the wilderness here!!

Related image
I love the movie Up. ๐Ÿ™‚

And poor Mark is up in VA with his parents watching the hurricane inch closer to the Midatlantic. I think they will head back on Weds just to beat that storm. UGH then I have to worry about my dad and sister in hurricane season. Stay safe anyone that is in that radius for that hurricane (and all the rest).

Image result for rock me like a hurricane gif

15 thoughts on “Wash Out Conditions Makes For a Quiet (But Wet) Weekend….

  1. omgosh it rained like CRAZY here this weekend and basically everything got washed out, which was a real disaster for a lot of folks ugh. it’s insane bc the entire week before was hard dusty ground and humid 90* temps…. then suddenly it dropped 30* and was pouring…. so i definitely feel ya in not loving it. exciting about the upcoming combined test tho – you should definitely do it!!!

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  2. Modified terrified is awesome! Love a place with a sense of humor. We need rain down here so badly. It has been upper 90s, high humidity and not a drop of rain for over a month. My pasture is crunchy. Hopefully Flo brings rain our way this week.


  3. Ha! I don’t even think I could do modified terrified. Green as grass MAYBE… I hope things dry up so you can get to that!
    As for critters. I stepped on a frog Saturday night and killed it. I didn’t see him. I still feel horrible about it. Not to mention how gross that was. Ugh. I’m surely going to get smote for that one.
    That stick bug is awesome! I don’t think we have those here. Ditto on the blue guy too.

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