Remus Wins This Round: Shoofly Leggins vs. Remus!

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Why so sad? Cause they didn’t work 😦

Liz bought the Shoofly Leggins (excellent review here!) and a few others talked about them so much, so since the flies were so bad around here I bought a set too. I do think they do what they promise pretty well (i.e. keep flies off the legs) if they STAY on said legs….BUT Remus is a Houdini or genius or something because he has gotten at least one off each day in like seconds after I put them on. Hmm…wait…no he got three off at one time once this week. Like seriously?

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Pretty sure if I had a camera watching Remus it would go something like this LOL!

I bought the medium size and they seem to fit well but they are loose (they are supposed to be loose obviously). He steps out of the rear legs more than the front legs. The front legs do stay on more though. Luckily I have found the missing leggins within seconds so it is not that annoying. No wait, YES it is actually. I hate when I go out and he has three on and that fourth leg is COVERED with flies. EEK. or like the other day when he had ONE BOOT still on…..and three off laying in paddock. No way I am buying a set for Tate. Fool me once….

Image result for fool me once gif

I take my time putting them on making sure the velcro lines up perfectly. And ten minutes later, they are off. I didn’t even put them on today. What is the point?? Mega disappointed here. FAIL. 😦 Anyone want a slightly used set of fly leggins? Sigh…..

slightly used. cheap

The concept is good but Remus seems to be able to step out of them.

Okay only Remus could walk in this mud and leave the leggin behind…right??LOL this one I give a pass to.that mud!
Can you count how many he has on/ If you say three you are correct, sigh…
Two TWO wonderful leggins (I say in my perfect Count voice!)
Image result for count muppet two
ME counting the times they come off!

So back to the drawing board on this. It really is disappointing to say the least. I know our flies are bad so maybe he is flinging them off? Anyone else having issues or is it just lucky old me πŸ™‚ HA!

Remus expressing his thoughts on those damn shoofly leggins…:)

27 thoughts on “Remus Wins This Round: Shoofly Leggins vs. Remus!

  1. aw that’s a bummer, i’ve heard so many great things about those boots!! i’d totally offer to take them off your hand but i have extreme paranoia about leaving charlie in boots too long bc you just *know* he’d get rubs and then get cellulitis and then die. obvi. ugh.

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  2. You should try making the bottom part of the Velcro tighter (where it’s got the wider piece) so they can’t come off over the hoof. I have to do that with Phoenix since he has smaller feet, especially in back. I usually do mine so when I first put them on you can see the hairline below the boot. I can get a picture of how mine are at the bottom on P if that helps.

    If you still want to give up on them I will certainly take them off your hands though.

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      1. Yes! This! This is what I have to do with Stan and Grif’s hinds. And I ALWAYS press the velcro down REAL FIRM to get all the little hooks and loops to stay put. I can always tell it’s time for a wash when they don’t wanna stick due to accumulated mud/hair. I washed all 12 just last night and was so pleased when they came out with crisp-white felt again! C’MON, Remus. Quit with the shenanigans and give yo’ momma (who is so kind to help you out) a break!

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  3. thats bizarre! I haven’t had anyone walk out of them. maybe you can make it a little tighter around the pastern? I’ve never heard of anyone walking out of them.

    i love mine so much, they have definitely saved spicys feet in the worlds buggiest summer!

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  4. Ahh no! I’m so sorry they’re not working! I still recommend the Schneider’s fly boots. They’re contoured for the leg, and they work better than any fly boot I’ve had for Amber. She stomps a lot, scratches a lot with her teeth, and she can roll them around and they don’t come off. And for all that she’s bitten them when attempting to scratch, only 1 boot has 1 very small hole over the course of the entire summer. She hasn’t even ruined that fly sheet yet! I’m shocked cause she rips holes in things like nobody’s business lol. Here’s a link if you’d like to check them out! They’re even on a closeout sale (as is the fly sheet πŸ˜‰ lol)

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  5. That sucks. I’ve not had ours come off or heard of any others. I’d say they are too big and either tighten the bottom up or get a smaller size. Once they are on, make sure they are not sliding down over the hell where he can step on it. I make sure I pull up on them and then tighten so it can’t slide down over the hoof.

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    1. Maestro sometimes takes one of his off for fun and throws it outside his stall and they are still good, lol. He just pulls and the Velcro part opens. So I guess it might be less that he would destroy them but more that he might not leave them on?

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      1. Remus doesn’t shred he just steps out of them AGAIN after tightening them up. He had one out in field and one in his stall. Two (Same side) stayed on. Thank god he is not destructive like Levi πŸ™‚ PS I am waiting on your next blog post πŸ™‚


    1. i got medium since small were for ponies!! He is not a small horse LOL. He got 2 of the four off yesterday after i reapplied them doing what Stampy said to do. Bah humbug πŸ™‚ He doesnt have them on today LOL!


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