Farmer in the Dell: In-laws Are Still Here

In-laws attempting yard work (may be the first time I have seen my mother-in-law in pants I kid you not)! HA

We have one more week with the in-laws (They leave on Saturday). They are with me this week since Mark trotted off to work this morning happy as can be to get back to a normal schedule. Leaving me here with them trying to work from home while they are here. I have several teleconferences this week, this might be fun or not. HA.

Image result for road runner gif
Mark leaving for work this morning (he is the road runner ha!)

Anyway today they expressed a desire to work outside on the yard a bit.  Who am I to deny them that? It is 8:25 am and already hot as the dickens. But we used some of Mark’s garb to get her dressed and I sent them out. (She only wears dresses and stockings and sandals so this is a huge deal seeing her in pants even if they are Mark’s sweat pants LOL).

Image result for how long are you staying gif
Next year when they ‘check in’ I am totally going to say this 🙂

They are being good sports though. I don’t think I would reach in there among the brambles to clear out. UGH Mark ended up with an odd case of Poison Oak or Sumac on his leg that reacted angrily into a upside down heart. He went to the urgent care and got some meds for it but it was odd how it just mostly stayed where it is on his leg. I think is is drying up finally (this photo was from a few days ago)!

The skin is angry my friend!

Anyway they are outside and instead of writing this blog I should be catching up on my work while it is quiet. But alas nope want to get this done first. Mark took them both to Graceland this weekend (yeah hottest time of the day no less). Can we talk about the heat here for a minute. It is hotter right now during the day then it was in July/August here. The sun is intensively hot. The humidity is high. The temps are in the 90’s with heat index of 100 and above. I mean Mark and I can suck it up but I feel bad for the in-laws considering a heat wave in England is usually 80 degrees with no humidity. They are truly suffering here.

I am pretty sure we have finally got them looking at other months in the calendar for their visits. They have come in September since before 9/11. They were actually here with us in DE for 9/11. UGH so hopefully they will A) Pick a new time to come so they can enjoy TN weather when it is nice and B) won’t stay 3 weeks next time.

Image result for so hot the heat gif

Saying all that, I DO feel Fall coming. Slowly. Leaves are starting to fall and change (probably from the heat but what do I care as long as it feels like Fall is coming!). The sun is behind the trees by 630 pm or so (which sucks but at least it cools off some then). The flies while bad still are not as bad or as many. Is it because I put the horses on Simplify or is it the natural order of things. Who knows. But Remus has had his ShooFly Leggins on since Sunday morning. AND THEY ARE STILL ON!! Whaat? My hypothesis (YES I am that smart..not not really LOL)….is that the flies aren’t as bad so he isn’t kicking them off. Or I finally got them tight enough. OR that Remus finally figured out they helped. WHO KNOWS but I am glad they are on. I even left them on overnight just to tempt fate. And sure enough still on this morning when I walked outside my front door.

IMG_6411 (1)
Marching purposefully toward the barn for his breakfast but four boots are on!

Yes my horse (and sometimes Tate) are at the front door by the fence when I come out in the morning. Remus also did this last night around feeding time. Does he know the time and which door I am going to come out?I think so. HA. He is so funny he is like right there and the minute I come out he turns around and starts the walk up the other way to the barn. Smart pony. Still haven’t ridden him either. SIGH. Maybe he is RETIRED and I just don’t know it. We shall see.

Feed me!

Tate got his second bandage taken off this am and his last squirt of Bute. He trotted up to the barn this am from the front door so he is off a slight bit but for all I know it is because his big belly can’t trot right. He is not lame like he was just a bit of a bob. I left the bandage off today to let his foot dry up a bit it was so moist under it. But my bandage stayed on too. WOOHOO. Not sure how but maybe cause he has tiny pony feet? Hopefully he stays sound for a bit now.

IMG_6421 (1)
Two front feet both weight bearing YAY!

Meanwhile I am hoping one day soon to need a sweatshirt or actually to want to put breeches on again. LOL COME ON FALL I need some nice crisp weather please!

Remus says stay away Fall if this means she will want to ride. PS FERAL MANE ALERT UGH  🙂 it has not been this long in YEARS!

Did everyone else have good weekends with lots of horsey stuff? I sure hope so! I swear my blogs will get more interesting soon I hope!

Hope everyone who is at WEG is staying dry (I saw those jog photos on COTH wow it was umm wet) and having fun! Looking forward to updates from all. And hoping any of my blogger friends in NC/SC or wherever else Florence hit are safe and dry too!! Meanwhile, in my mind, COME ON Saturday!


Image result for bye bye gif
me on Saturday LOL!

15 thoughts on “Farmer in the Dell: In-laws Are Still Here

  1. Haha hopefully the week goes by fast for you! (because WOW 3 weeks really IS a long time lol) And Amber does that too! She’s very smart. She knows when it’s feeding time and she’ll stare at the back door ready for me to hurry up and feed dinner lol. In Colorado she couldn’t see me exit the house, but I’d find her in the little spot where she could see me coming around the house to grab her food lol. EVERY morning lol. I even tried sneaking up but nope lol. I think she heard the flush or the back sliding door or something which alerted her to my awakeness LOL. I’m so glad Tate is feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not ridden yet because the horse flies are rampant still. UGH there is no way i can climb aboard him.I did contact the dressage lesson and am going to set one up in a week or so so need to ride before then. I may have to haul out to ride him. The good thing is Tate and Remus while inseparable don’t scream for each other too much when out of sight. Fingers crossed…
      it doesnt help having people here that can’t open up a bottle of water on their own. Glad it was cooler….


  2. Cross Country day was perfect for the riders! Nice and cool with just scattered blips of showers. Way better than heat and humidity on that long course! I escaped that night from the hurricane and I’m sloooooowly writing up about my trip.

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  3. Three weeks is a long time for visitors, I hear ya!
    I know it’s weirdly hot for September, but I’m holding on to that as long as I can! Not looking forward to winter. Yuck.
    Glad to hear the ponies are doing well though! Yay for four weight bearing feet no Tate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tate snuck out past the inlaws today. He thought for one minute about taking off down the driveway then Remus nickered like umm no..and he stopped ha….bad pony

      Three weeks is an eternity. and i hope not to have a winter like yours HA! EVER


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