Fair Hill International?? Who Is Going?

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As I wait for my farrier to return from Missouri and his trail ride (rolling eyes here, glad he is having fun), I am still feeding horses, cleaning stalls, and just trying to stay cool. It is hot again. I want that crisp weather back thanks. The leaves are falling so if you look from inside your air conditioned house it looks like Fall outside but it is not. I think today, tomorrow and Friday are going to be in the 90s. Yay? ugh

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What a world LOL (I am melting not from water but from heat)!

But anyway, I am planning a trip in October to go see Dad  in VA, and of course trying to make the stars align to possibly get to FHI while I am up in the Northeast.

Who is going? I know Sarah is going since she is volunteering. Who else? I haven’t figured out the logistics yet but inquiring minds wanna know! Roll CALL! Let me know what days you are going too! I would like to see some people while I am there (Sarah I know I will find you:))

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Meanwhile I have a lame pony again. Sigh. He was off this past weekend a minor bit then got better and now is sore again. If he is brewing an abscess again its in the same damn hoof. UGH. Tate not Remus. Remus is fine but still wearing one shoe and snickering behind my back. The flies and mosquitoes are back too and Remus removed his shoofly leggins yesterday so pfft you don’t get them on anymore, buddy. Anyone else in a Summer Slump?

13 thoughts on “Fair Hill International?? Who Is Going?

  1. I wish it was closer! I’d go up and stalk you but it’s a bit far 😦 Poor Tate and his sore hoof. Did his owner say if this is common for him? Stomping at the bugs and mud are a nasty pairing. Hope he gets better again.

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    1. she says he is footsore at times but never had an abscess. He is just real timid walking on it right now. It is SO darn muddy and craters everwhere as it dries. Poor guy…..and the bugs are back big time…..he has such a low tolerance for pain too.

      I wish you were closer too! 🙂


  2. I actually might not go this year – I think I might go to Far Hills (like the US’s version of Grand National Hurdles) instead… jury is still out tho. Far Hills is soooo expensive and I’m only going if I can get comped a ticket 😛

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