Curses: Foiled Again!

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Me to Remus most days

This blog post I was writing first thing Monday morning was about Remus and his way to get around having to do work. Do I think my horse is smarter than me? Sometimes…. Um, then my internet broke. For most of the day. That was fun, not.

Why you ask? Because I have no bars on my phone in my new property either so for me to let work know that my internet was down I had to jump in the truck and drive about four miles to get one piddling bar (Thanks AT&T, not) so I could check email and text people. (OH and catch up with Sara B who was texting me re Eeyore through this whole INTERNET DOWN SAGA)! UGH Sorry Sara! 🙂

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I called our cable company (it is a small podunk company seriously, not a big name cable company, welcome to TN!)and they said “Oh we just discovered this and are working on it right now. Call us back in a few hours if it is not up and running.” Um… a few hours? I WORK FROM HOME YOU PEOPLE.

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SO I pretty much lost it. And ended up going into town to Starbucks to get some coffee and get online. And that for some reason took about 20 minutes to get online at Starbucks. So today has not been productive. At all. BUT I have internet again (late afternoon). So let’s try again shall we? Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by lack of internet (and cell service!), Remus decided to stick his middle finger at me this weekend. Friday evening, I took him for a long walk up and down the drive around the property to see how he acted away from Tate (Remus didn’t care) and to see how Tate acted (he was DYING for Remus, whinny whinny, oh wait there is hay, end of Tate whinnying!) so great.

Remus at that point had two shoes on his front feet. I cleaned his feet, marveled in the mud we have had that he still had two shoes blah blah blah and promptly gave REMUS a hell of an idea. Saturday came and I thought about riding but I needed to clean my tack (the mold is real here in TN) and we were working in the yard and on the tractor and the day got away from me. Meanwhile for those of you keeping track, on Saturday, Remus STILL HAD TWO SHOES on his front feet. Do you have that? Good, remember this…you will need this for the end.

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I worked clearing the paddock and spent a good hour smoothing the mud down (it is still so wet out there and muddy, it is amazing) and moving some old muddy hay. Never looked at Remus feet yet.

So after hauling about three bucket loads of mud (wait for it it is coming)…I decided dang it I am going to ride my horse today. I had cleaned the tack earlier on Sunday and I just needed to knock some mud off Remus and then I was going to go up and down the drive (on the road) and maybe down the road a bit. CAUSE HE HAS TWO SHOES SO I SHOULD BE FINE RIGHT? RIGHT!

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He had two shoes on!

If you aren’t snoring yet from boredom, you have now come to the cruel joke that is life. I brushed mud off my horse, thought about pulling his mustang-length mane (Nothing against mustangs, just shit that mane is long) and thought NO I can do that later, I MUST RIDE MY HORSE.

see mentioned long ass mane! UGH

And I cleaned his first hoof and his second and came around to the front and cleaned all the mud out of that one and blinked. And blinked again. Because guess what??? NO SHOE. Not only no shoe but his foot is a gnarly mess. I honestly thought of tacking him up no matter and I would have if I had had somewhere soft to ride or even if he had tossed both shoes. I give up. SO I turned him back out with Tate and I swear I heard Remus’s giggling under his breath, see what I can do, you old crone??

I did a cursory look in the paddock and pasture but need to go out in my boots (safety first in those long grasses that is all I need to be bitten by a snake, that would play nicely in Remus’s idea of a winter off from work HA) but didn’t see the shoe. So then I look at my manure pile and think SHIT was it in all that mud and hay I scraped up?? SIGH. I don’t even think I can get thru all that muck to look for it. AND THEN THE FINAL PUNCHLINE? The one that kicks you in the crotch, spits on your neck fantastic punchline?

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I called my farrier because I knew he was going away on a trail riding trip in early October (I thought it was next weekend). Guess what his message said?? YEP He is gone till October 8th. Well done Remus, well done.

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Remus you are a sly one….

You win Remus. You win…..for now…..SO HOW was everyone else’s weekend? And I hope your Monday was better than mine! It had to be :)!

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me screaming at Remus 🙂 and at the internet…..

18 thoughts on “Curses: Foiled Again!

  1. Oh no!!! Bad Remus!!! But gah it’s such a horse thing to do that, just when you think you’re going to ride… how rideable is Tate? See how Remus likes that! HA!

    And uggg I feel ya on shitty Internet/cell service. Verizon is pretty much the only cell phone company you can have here and get decent cell service and forget it if you have anything else. Joys of country living! Worth it though 🙂 Hope your internet issues have been resolved and you’re back in the land of communication!


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