Happy Friday! Anyone Interested in a Coat?

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OMG So glad this week is almost over!

Five posts in one week. WHOOHOO. This never happens. So I did the thing and bought the coat Amanda made us all buy. And love it (both the color and the coat) but it is definitely tight in the hips. It is odd, it fits good in my shoulders but I am a bit too wide-load for it I think on the bottom UPDATE:. COAT IS SOLD Thanks 3day Adventures With HorsesΒ πŸ™‚Β 

best coworkers hands down are the dogs πŸ™‚

So before I return it I thought i would see if anyone is interested. It is this coat from Riding Warehouse but in the pretty enamel blue color (it is bluer than these photos show, I love the color) they had on closeout. It is an XL but is not huge by any means. It fits almost tailored. So someone that wears a L could fit in it I am sure….as well as a narrower person than me! HA

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I only paid 56 bucks for it so if someone is interested in let me know and I can figure out shipping. I can totally return it due to Riding Warehouse’s totally awesome customer service but all they now have is the black one which is A) boring and B) a lot more expensive! So I figured I would ask here first before returning. It does fit me but it just would not allow many layers if any under it at least around the waist. UGH. It is not too heavy either (just go read Amanda’s review she does a better job than I do)!

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Um yes it can

Happy Friday so glad the weekend is here. But now it is supposed to rain this afternoon be gorgeous tomorrow then rain again Sunday and Monday. What the hell? Remus and Tate both will need water wings by then.

I left them out last night with a sheet on Remus as it was still drizzling and got down to 41 last night and they both were asleep in the field this am. Umm, you guys do have two nice stalls. Tonight is supposed to be rainy and down to 39 so they might have to be locked up again.

Hope everyone has some great horsey plans this weekend. I was hoping to ride but this mud is so bad everywhere.

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Remus would totally do this to poor Tate



16 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Anyone Interested in a Coat?

    1. it is not heavy but it is warm feeling but you are in that cold cold place that shall not be named. Not sure if it would be warm enough for you but it is def not a rain coat heavier than that. The hood is really nice too and detaches. I am a bit sad it doesnt fit me better. Email if you want to chat and i can send you a photo of it on me so you can see it better…:) If not interested no worries there too!


  1. Awesome coat! I have a lighter one and a vest and can’t say enough good things about them! I was actually just laughing at the label on my coat. Horseware XL = US size 12, apparently.

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  2. we’re bracing for a ton of rain up here too… ugh. at least it’s been freakin gorgeous otherwise, and the rainy season leading up to now has meant for GLORIOUS fall foliage!! too bad it might all get rained right off the trees tonight…

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