Weather Be Crazy…Also Road Trip Happening Later This Week

This looks fun, not? ugh

I feel like all my posts lately are about so much about the weather. BUT it is true. Our weather has been really horrid. We had torrential downfalls all weekend and our pond is literally overflowing its banks and our dock is almost under water out there. The ground is so soaked there are puddles in the grassy area. There is nowhere for all this water to go.

Image result for water gif tv
How I feel most days going out to feed in the rain

Now we have severe weather lookouts this afternoon. Cause torrential rain is not enough let’s have some heavy winds too. Gee thanks.

Image result for panicking gif
How I feel about now trying to get everything done, like a foreboding in the pit of my stomach LOL

Anyway I am frantically trying to get things done workwise before heading on the road on Thursday. Also need to pack and also get the rooms ready due to I am bringing Dad back and my friend comes in the week after next right before Thanksgiving. I don’t think she needs a helmet nor boots nor anything else that is still in her room. HA.

Pond she be full..and look at the colors popping….

Still haven’t ridden due to the mosture content in the land. UGH. So Remus is retired again till this weather gets its head out of its ass and starts to be nice. Also this upcoming weekend? When Mark has to take care of horses?? Low of 30-31 at night?? WTH?? And both my stupid horses love to sleep out in the field.

Related image
Picture doing this but with a fat buckskin??

If it doesn’t rain that should be okay but I have this vision of Remus being stuck to the ground Saturday morning when Mark goes out. It could happen :)!

Remus wanted to say hi. I was trying to get a photo of how wet he was from laying in the field on a 40 degree morning. Idiot horse
Better shot? Ha…see all the wet spots…and look at all the leaves!

Anyway it is Monday. UGH. I have one more blog post I want to post this week if I can get it written then I will probably not being posting for a bit due to travel/work/life. Have a great week all and if you are where it is cold/wet/gross stay warm. If you are somewhere where it is nice, don’t tell me about it! HA!

Not sure which one is more spoiled, Ollie or Remus. It is a close race 🙂

21 thoughts on “Weather Be Crazy…Also Road Trip Happening Later This Week

  1. So far this year Charlie’s been able to get away without having to wear any blankets but now with the chilly weather and rain it’s finally time. Ugh boo impending winter!

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  2. You know what, I’ll take the wind and the cold at this point after the torrentially rainy summer! At least wind and cold don’t give my horses fungus! New friend and trainer LC LOVES wind apparently (freaky Colorado people lol) so I’m hoping some of her positive attitude about our wicked winter winds will wear off on me this year so I’m not motherf*cking the world so much every time the wind cuts me to the bone.

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    1. omg wouldnt he?? I left them up from yesterday afternoon till this am. the storms we had were NOT pretty (as in lightning thunder and tornado warnings everywhere) and I was like I can’t let them out. Tate was pissed, Remus was like at the Holiday Inn. He cared not a whit 🙂 HA HA HA (UGH where is all the rain coming from)??


  3. The only good thing about the wind is the little bit of drying that it does. I never liked rain, but now really dread rain with having them at home and needing to maintain fields/handle horse kites. My pansies don’t do well with bad weather.

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