Warm Weather Makes My Heart Sing/Cold Weather Makes Me Cringe!

fatty mcfatt with a GORGEOUS sky above. It does not get any better than this. Makes my heart sing.

Wow, what a pendulum of weather here in TN. Yesterday (Tuesday) it was almost 70 with warm winds and lots of sun. Today (Wednesday) it is 30’s and cold wind but there is still some sun.  But no rain today so I will take it. (However rain is coming for the weekend, I can just now walk in my yard without sinking five inches, it is still wet but drying up so nice. PLEASE RAIN GO AWAY).

Image result for no more rain gif

Tate is still lame but better,  I ended up locking him up Tuesday for the morning then locking Remus up in the afternoon and letting Tate out. Remus was herding Tate around yesterday morning (Remus being an ass is what he does REAL WELL!) while I was doing stalls and Tate almost fell he was so sore so I was like nope not doing that. In you go. Today Tate actually made it out to the field so think he is better but the farrier comes tomorrow so sure he has an abscess brewing (Or just popped). Poor Tate. (Though I do think it is cute when he stops to sniff Remus).

Anyway yesterday I went out to check horses and knew I had to do something with Remus. I did log off work a bit early to go out and ‘play’! And it was GLOROUS albeit not what I thought I was going to do.

Image result for best laid plans

Best laid plans and all that. Yeah. Had the new surcingle I was going to try that puppy out. Um…first off yes my horse is dirty I literally brushed his back off so I could get him out before the sun started down. Second,the surcingle does not fit. At all. OMG. Third, how did he get so hairy?? I could braid his damn hair on his shoulder.

SO after I threw a mini temper tantrum that the surcingle (it is supposedly horse sized I have my doubts, and yes I KNOW REMUS IS FAT HA) didn’t fit (it was off by about half a foot from fitting), I stood there for a minute thinking I should just ride. But no one was home and no neighbors nearby. I grabbed my saddle and for three seconds had a panic attack that the girth wouldn’t fit. But it did. Thank goodness. I clipped the new side reins (I just wanted to try them out on him is all I will figure it all out better next time) on and took my reins off and put his bridle on. I have to say he was not fidgety at all on the cross ties. Um…who are you horse? He was actually happy to be messed with.

disgustingly dirty but relatively happy

We headed out to the front and he was literally marching ahead of me so happy to be out doing something!!

still filthy pay no attention to his mud spots

We got to the front field and we lunged without the side reins at first (My initial thought was ground drive him but when the surcingle didn’t fit, we improvised). Remus was all over the place and I had to juggle lunge whip, Remus and lunge line, and phone to get videos but these are pretty hysterical.

This one he was just full of himself but then wanting to eat. It is a wonder he did not fall down!

This one cracks me up. I think Remus has been reading Mania in the Middle‘s blog and thought he should at least do a mini spook in honor of Pilgrim.

The one thing I noticed when I finished and we were walking back up is how much fun I had with him. Sure he was spooky but I didn’t have to really hold him walking back and up to the barn. Tate was screaming his head off in barn and Remus never fretted or called back. It was a good time for all I think. Whew. Now it is cold and I want to curl into a fetal ball again.  (This is the cringe bit of the story, how can it change temps that quick and that much? We are talking about 40 degrees. ICK! 25 low tonight! WTF).

Image result for crazy gif
our weather lately good gremlin/bad gremlin!

The good thing also is that the front field while uneven with a lot of leaves was dry as can be. SOOOOOOOO there is no reason I can’t keep going up there to do something with him.  It is so dry compared to down by the barn. I am hopeful even after rain I can get out there to lunge him at least. If Mark or someone was around I would ride the beast but even with those mini-spooks he did on the lunge line I probably would have fallen off the stupid horse. There was NOTHING to spook at but the wind. Oh Remus.

I swear I hope when he foals it is a buckskin foal HA HA HA

Anyone want to buy a smallish surcingle? LOL

Image result for big man in little suit gif
This totally popped in my head while trying the surcingle out! 🙂 

23 thoughts on “Warm Weather Makes My Heart Sing/Cold Weather Makes Me Cringe!

  1. That barn aisle picture is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a good angle for him lol
    Glad you had a fun day with your beast. Also so great that he was happy to get out there!
    I do need a new surcingle… can you tell me price? And brand so I can look up and see if it will fit June…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahahahahha! Ride him…lard doesn’t move fast and rebounds so he’ll keep you on even if he spooks 😂

    That blue lunge line is out of place. Replace with purple…asap.

    I’m glad he was well behaved, you found a dry spot and enjoyed the time you spent with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a purple one. I just hadn’t unpacked it yet from the box it came in 🙂 I got it for long lining before I bought Amanda’s! HA But did you notice the purple LUNGE WHIP??


  3. Oh Remus! I am hoping soon Amber will be allowed out of her stall, and I have a feeling those will be some pretty impressive shenanigans! haha He certainly looked so happy and excited to be out! But oh those dapples! I could eat them lolol They’re just SO PRETTY ❤

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  4. I had that same problem with Cessa and surcingles. I literally bought the only one that didn’t say “runs small,” and it still didn’t fit Her Tubbiness. On the other hand, there is on Amazon a nylon (short) dressage girth for like $25 that fit the surcingle and fat mares perfectly fine… lol


  5. Both Stampede and Maestro require 58″ girths and I have a surcingle that fits so they exist! I think mine might be from Schneider’s.
    Glad you got some decent weather (for a minute or two) so you could have some fun with Remus. Does Tate have cushings or some other issue that is causing all these abscesses? Poor guy.
    PS Yay my mud is frozen today!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We actually thnk he may be early Cushings (my vet does).But the mud is part of it too i am sure. UGH (My mud is not frozen but it is not as bad ) LOL hahahaha on 58 girths good to know Remus is not alone 😉


  6. Lol, your little horse needs an oversize surcingle… I can’t judge though. Eros is looking like a hippo too. I’ll have to have them cut his feed if he’s not back to work soon!
    Glad you got to start doing some work, even if only for a day. Fingers crossed the rain is light and/or moves out to sea this weekend!

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  7. Bahaha, I’m totes showing this to P today to let him know that he’s not all that special. R is all, “la dee da, la dee, RUN,” and your commentary on his general asshole-ness had me rolling over here.

    Weather here has been the same sort of crazy. I was in shorts/t-shirt on Sunday and today I have like 5 layers on. Are you supposed to get snow Sunday? My weather app says “snow flurries” and I want to CRY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no snow but its cold as shit here today. The sun is out though! But i would rather have snow than 24-36 hours of rain starting tomorrow. Stuff just started drying up. SOB. 😦 And yes Remus is even halfhearted at spooking but dang how i didnt drop my phone HA HAHA) and he is an asshole (Remus) HA!

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  8. Quite the spook for a lardbutt! Probably better to stay safe. The one time I rode my horse when I was a kid when my parents weren’t home (a friend was there) I fell off and really hurt myself. Plus Scarlet ran down the road and broke a rein before running back into our yard.

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  9. Aw I’m so glad you had fun tho!! It’s easy to forget why we deal with all this horsey bs in the first place, but yep that’s the ticket – even lunging in a cold muddy field with a fuzzy dirty horse is actually kinda a nice way to spend some time lol

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