Schnauzer Saturday!

Image result for crappy weather gif
pretty much every other day this is us!

Well it snowed for about three minutes in Millington on Friday. Not much but ewwww….And it has rained its ass off since last night so my slightly drying mud is all back now again with a vengeance. I missed it so (NO I DID NOT). SO I have nothing else to say but that thank goodness for Schnauzer Saturday!

Peeves the cat is like MY BED.
They love to snuggle
Mind you we have like ten dog beds in this house. They don’t need to share one!
Tongue out. Gretch has hardly any teeth the rescue had to pull most of them her mouth was in such bad shape so the tongue tends to be out more than in.
Wet dogs had to have coats off after walking this am. Snooze time again!
Image result for crappy weather gif
sums it up perfectly

Hope everyone else has a drier weekend than me!! Enjoy if you do!


7 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday!

  1. We actually made out well this weekend as far as sun goes, but it was effing cold out! Highs didn’t make it to 30. Gross. And apparently snow is coming for next weekend. Double gross. Probably still better than all that mud though.

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    1. if i count right now sitting in my home office we have let’s see: 2 in office six in living room (I DONT KNOW WHY) 3 in bedroom INCLUDING a big poofy one that is bigger than our dresser HA, and 2 or three in the library that only the cat goes into. We need help : ) HA!


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