(Blue Apron) Fail Friday!

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Me to them…I may have lost my temper too πŸ™‚

So I finally cancelled my Blue Apron subscription. The customer service had gotten atrocious, the food was sometimes past its ripeness stage (soggy carrots ew, soggy onions even more eww), and they failed to deliver 3 out of 4 boxes in the last few months (NOTE I only ordered 4 times sooooooo…).

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Each time we got the notice it was being shipped, the same thing happened. Blue Apron would have a different story than Fed Ex and our Friday delivery would go to Saturday then not show up at all. If you looked on Blue Apron’s site on Monday it would say it was delivered, Fed Ex tracking would say shipping label created and that is it. However BLUE APRON never let me know this they just assumed I would check tracking (which I did). Which annoyed me even more. And each time I had to hound them to refund my money for the BOX I DIDN’T receive. I should not have to work this hard for a company I am not getting paid from? Right?

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insert MY MONEY for Reservation and swap Hold with refund and we got it!

I was furious this last time as I had to send three different emails to three different people to get my order refunded and my subscription cancelled. Finally, when they got back to me they were like sorry to see you go, we will try to figure out what happened blah blah blah. Too late, too little. I am still pissed off at how they handled this!

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The first time this happened, they blamed FedEx and I was like okay. Second time they tried again and I mentioned um I get a lot of deliveries each week at my house from UPS and FedEx sooooo I mean we are rural but we are not an island in the middle of nowhere, are we? And by the third time I was fed up when the same thing happened (I am pretty sure it is not FedEx, Blue Apron I think it is you!).

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I am sure HURLEY had trouble getting deliveries but we should not! Right?

So my meal subscription service went out with a whimper. What other ones do you all use?Do they have trouble delivering fresh food when they say they will deliver?? Let me know. Until then…I will be figuring out food the old fashioned way, walking up and down the grocery aisle…

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PS rain rain rain rain rain rain rain…repeat. UGH

20 thoughts on “(Blue Apron) Fail Friday!

  1. that’s too bad – i use blue apron and i’ve used it for probably years at this point and I’ve never had an issue. All the food is perfect and it arrives at the same time (like almost down to the hour..) every week. I also am in their wine club which is fab.

    It could, however, be because I’m in a city.

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  2. For Christmas, one of the best gifts I got was a trial of HomeChef. Just tried it this week and everything was amazing. Delicious food, easy recipes, healthy, very fresh. Two of the three, my husband and I are definitely going to make again – that’s how yummy and easy they were. Might be worth a shot!

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  3. I used Home Chef for almost a year and then canceled because they changed the options and it sucked. For the family plan I got 5 options which was plenty. But then they change one to being an upgrade at a ridiculous price per serving. That left me with 4. Ok. One started always being flat bread pizza which I love and make in my own for like $3. Not paying $9 for that. Ok now I was down to 2 options and they started to be the same thing over and over. You may be better with the two person plan but the family plan became a joke

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  4. Oh, that stinks! My friends use and recommend Hello Fresh, but when I checked out the plans and cost it didn’t really make sense for me (I’m a vegetarian and otherwise picky eater, plus its literally a 10min walk to the grocery store here)

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  5. Oh no that sucks! I go back and forth. I skip meals for weeks then do like 2-3 weeks of meals, but the cooking is time consuming. And many times, I don’t like any of the recipes for that week, so I skip. Recently tho, I figured out how amazing Costco is lol. Because cooking is time consuming, and now that I’m in school I try to take my weekends to really relax (and cooking isn’t relaxing for me), Costco is a lifesaver. $10 ribeye steak that lasts me 3 meals? YES PLEASE. Lamb shanks? YES. Lobster bisque 2 pack? HALLELUJAH. Because everything cooks in the microwave. Or the oven, but it’s definitely not time consuming to turn on the oven, insert food, wait and eat. So I have a feeling I’ll be doing Blue Apron less and Costco more. May even just cancel the BA since it’s not horrid to go to Costco 1x a month versus having to remember to check in at BA to skip the meals or otherwise I get charged. Ugh. That was a long-ass comment lol. Basically, if you have a Sam’s or a Costco, I would suggest that once a month. Their stuff is bulk, so you go less. And it’s only you and the hubby, so you probably won’t go to the store too often.

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  6. Blue Apron has always been ok for me (but the cost and the amount of food was just not a value to me). Hello Fresh I always had trouble with getting fresh ingredients. Anymore I just stick to my local CSA for veggie delivery.

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  7. I’ve never tried one of those meal things. I’m a picky eater so I don’t think most of them are worth it for me. Most of the veggies etc that would come with it would be things I wouldn’t eat. Plus, I’m right next to several grocery stores so I just go shopping. Hopefully you find something that works for you.

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  8. Like you, I also canceled my Blue Apron subscription. I had the same problem where meals weren’t being delivered. ONce a box arrived a couple days late and they were like “DO NOT EAT THAT FOOD!” because it was 2 days late. Totally ate it, and totally survived. But still, I want my food to arrive when it is supposed to.
    I switched to Hello Fresh and don’t get it every week, as a lot of the menus are repeats (which I rarely, if ever, had with Blue Apron) and I can make the menus myself for far less.
    It seems like there isn’t the perfect meal delivery kit out there!

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    1. the box never EVEN arrives for me. At least give me something LOL! HA HA HA i dont have to have a meal subcription but it helps sometimes you know?? thanks i am glad it is not just me πŸ™‚


  9. I have been going through all the different subscription meal programs trying them out and getting the first free or discounted box then pausing the account until I decide which one I like most. So far I have tried HomeChef, HelloFresh, Gobble, GreenChef, Plated, and Sunbasket. I am planning to try BlueApron next. We had a few issues with HomeChef deliveries getting delayed by the snow, but their CS was great and and they refunded me right away even though that was legitimately FedEx’s fault. So far, the food quaility from Gobble and Greenchef has been the best, but they are more expensive than the others.

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      1. Yeah, your issue with BlueApron is clearly not a weather issue. It makes me concerned for trying them out myself. Just saying, Homechef has got good CS if you wanna try them out. I have promo codes to all the ones I’ve tried if you want any of them.

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