A Few Helpful Items For Winter Woes

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When we moved to Tennessee, my thoughts…

So it is pretty damn cold here (probably won’t be by the time I post this but as of Thursday morning, it was 17 degrees with a wind chill in the negative digits). I know the Northeast and Midwest have had and are still having it so much worse but I have to say I don’t think Tennessee is built for these conditions. I know I AM NOT. SO COLD.  It is supposed to warm up this weekend and I am very grateful. But for now, here are a few of my favorite things for cold weather that just help make my winter just a bit easier.

Horseware® Interchangeable Liner

PC Smartpak

This has been a godsend. I got it for free (mine is an older model, is black, and a bit different design, but still made by Horseware) when I bought one of the Amigo Bravo 100 gram blankets (in 2017!)and let me tell you Remus has lived in this this winter. It stays pretty clean (under blankets or sheets), does not shift at all, and keeps him warm as toast. I want about three more of these. It is only 100 gram but it helps so much to keep the heat in. Since I don’t have a heavy blanket for him, I can layer this under sheets or 100 gram blankets as needed. Remus says thank you VERY MUCH.  I recommend one in your stash of blankets. It also shines the horse’s coat like no one’s business and ummm I haven’t actually been grooming Remus much lately but darn he is shiny!

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Me to Emily and others….:)

Oh by the way, thanks to May as Well Event, Remus now has a heavyweight blanket shipping this way (such an enabler that Emily, watch her, she is giving Amanda a run for her money!). If I never have to use it so much the better but he needs something when it gets this cold!

Won’t this look lovely on Fatbuckskin? PC Dover

SSG Equestrian Barn Gloves

PC RidingWarehouse, link below

Are these the warmest gloves out there? Nope. But they were something I threw into the cart to make it up to free shipping, and boy am I glad I did. They are basically waterproof and I have tested them on that. The only issue is the last few weeks of the low 20s and teens my hands (fingers) do get cold and they take a while to dry out since they are thick BUT I am so glad I got these. I need a backup pair so I can swap out while drying. (SSG has a pair that are even more insulating that might work better for you guys in the cold cold cold!)

SmartPak Slow Feed Hay Bag 

PC Smartpak

I got a 2 flake version of this one and love it. It is soft material but rigid at the top so easy to fill. It only holds a bit of hay (as in two flakes) but I like to put any compressed hay in this as it helps with waste. It is not good for coarse,stalky hay however. But when your hands are frozen it is great to have a haynet like this! It is so easy to hook up in the stall or on the gate. It clips to a bucket strap and I have no worries about idiot horses getting tangled up in it. They don’t seem to sell this smaller version now but they do still sell a 4 flake version and also 1.5 inch holes. I recommend it highly!  Obviously I have not bitten on buying a portagrazer yet. Sigh

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Remus if he doesn’t watch it!

I have a heated bucket but I rarely use it due to hotlips hoolihan (Aka Remus) grabbing onto the cord one too many times. I swear he has gotten so mouthy on stuff. I am afraid he will electrocute himself. But I need to get those insulated things Sarah got for her buckets at least.

So this doesn’t happen next year!

What items do you find helpful when it is cold as ice outside (I had ice in my big water tub that was at least 5 inches thick!?) And what do you use to keep yourself warm? My feet are always cold so I give up because a lot of insulated boots won’t go on my wonky ass feet (heel spurs and other issues). My hands are cold no matter too but the gloves above do help. My head stays warm thanks to hats. I didn’t think I needed arctic type clothes in TN but guess I was wrong!

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Me about now. Ready for Spring but not ready for HOT SUMMER…


36 thoughts on “A Few Helpful Items For Winter Woes

  1. I saw a nifty post on a Facebook group that said adding latex gloves on underneath your winter gloves will keep your hands SUPER warm. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to!

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      1. I tried this glove method (and the bags on your feet between two pairs of socks) and it works well until your hands/feet start sweating and then it backfired and I got even colder. I’m not sure how others do it without that happening, lol.

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      2. I used medical exam gloves recently for yardwork to keep some small cuts clean. However, since they don’t breathe, it is possible to sweat in the gloves. You might need to take more than one pair with you depending upon how cold it is and whether your hands tend to run hot.

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  2. those liners are the bomb. I don’t have horseware ones, mine are shires, but they really do stick nice under the blanket. It’s a good feeling when all the blankets fit on the rack comfortably 😛

    I got mountain horse polar pants or whatever their all weather pant is and I love them so, so much.

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  3. Heh. 100 grams. Pffft. Mine is under 460 grams right now and is probably chilled. She’ll be under 800 grams for the next week and I don’t know if she will be warm enough! Our weather is the shits up here right now.

    I have globes fro Kombi, and they are the warmest things ever. I’m sure they might have more of a work glove.

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      1. I want to most days. 30 CM of snow are expected by tomorrow afternoon in our area. I have a lesson tonight……across this city and the next….I don’t think I will make it on time lol.


  4. that horseware liner is the light and the truth – it is SO WARM for only 100g! i’ve actually started using it kinda as a half sheet for our walks to and from the indoor, it’s so warm tucked over my legs! sadly, charlie is starting to shred his now around the chest velcro, and one of his pasture mates bit a GIANT hole right where it sits on his rib cage 😦

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    1. oh no I will say a prayer for your liner 🙂 HA. I swear I love it so much. And since Remus is the mean one (Poor Tate) no pasture mate to chew on it 😉 HA. I used it one lesson when I was up north with Sally and someone (can’t remember who) borrowed it to wrap around themselves 🙂 I love it.


      1. Emily! It was you right? I just remember someone using it and loving it 🙂 HA HA you would NOT want to wrap yourself in it now. it may smell a bit 🙂 HA HAHA


  5. I love the insulated blanket covers although I don’t enjoy carrying the hot water out to the barn nightly. Stampede is a weirdo and is suspicious of his plug in heated bucket so he gets one of each when it’s really cold.
    For feet I really like to put a pair of BOT socks on first then layer over them. I don’t like winter riding boots so I do the BOT socks then wool boot socks for riding and I’ve been fine even a bit below 20F.

    I do love the Horseware liners, I mean I only have 8 of them in varying weights and sizes for boys, lol. I have all Rambo turnout sheets/blankets and added on the hoods after the chestnuts came home. I have to give those a big thumbs up as well, they made a huge difference in how comfortable the boys are staying outside on windy days.

    I also live for my insulated overalls in the winter. I never knew the need for those until having horses at home but they are amazing and soooo warm. I have the off brand Schmidt.

    Lastly, my outside hay feeders (I have DIY ones). I don’t have to worry about my boys having something to eat all day when I’m at work in the winter.

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  6. I love the insulated boots personally. I get a half size big so I can wear two pair of socks too… Usually a wool sock with a nylon boot sock over top. Silk would be even better probably.
    But you know what would be better than all that? If it was spring and 75 degrees. Just saying.

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    1. yeah spring year round and 70-75 degrees would be fine by me too. I can only wear boots with zippers due to my foot issues my ankle doesn’t bend. I have a pair of country boots that I can’t get into that i need to post they are a knockoff brand but i love them but can’t fit the ankle down in them. SOB…

      stay warm…


      1. I have the Ariat Bromonts for riding, they are fully lined (old version was thinsulate, new version is something else) and have zippers just like regular riding boots. Those HKM ones I wore to work yesterday have zippers too! They’re lined with fake fur.

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  7. Hello from Canada! We had a cold spell over the last two weeks (-35 Celsius) and I have to say my top favourite winter item are my SSG winter lined rancher gloves (the yellow leather with plaid fleece inside). I have multiple pairs in various conditions lol… newer ones are my riding gloves, while the older more beat up ones are for daily chores and hooking up the trailer. They keep my fingers warm but have great dexterity (alas they are not water proof, so no pulling ice out of water buckets with these).

    My other must have would be our sinking trough heater, cause well horses need water!

    Best of luck with the cold!

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    1. YES WTF i just checked forecast here hi of 68 on Thur?low of 26 thurs nite and high of 38 on Friday/ WTF how do you even dress a horse for that?? crazy ! And 40s for you guys is COLD LOL


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