Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

Image result for if i only had a brain
Remus probably

I could while away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain
And my head I’d be a scratchin’
While my thoughts are busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain

Yeah that lyric from Wizard of Oz kind of fits Remus these days! Remus needs to get back to work but from the winter vortex that is swirling around this week to the warmer temps coming with (you guessed it) MORE RAIN…ugh…it might not ever happen here.

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The weather forecast shows a lot of rain next week so I am sure the paddocks will be back to their normal status of slop and gunk and mud. ICK.

Still since we put the gate up the horses have been up to the barn waiting to be fed every afternoon (rather than standing out by fence in front staring at me to come get them)and I haven’t had to use the gate. Whatever, it is there for next week as I am planning on going to see Dad so Mark will have to deal with them. Have fun Mark (though I have the person coming to help with stalls and I am taking the dogs with me so he should be okay).

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I have a plan in my back pocket about where to send Remus for some refresher training and while it is farther away than I wanted, it is a good plan. More to come later.

But meanwhile my stupid stupid horse is kind of stupid. HA. The other night I put them in and he would NOT settle down. He was spinning like a top in his stall and not eating his dinner (YES REMUS WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?).

Related image

Tate was a bit riled up but he managed to eat his dinner but Remus just could not deal. I ended up shutting his door at the top and then shutting the door in the aisle and going in the house for a while to let him think about his life (If I leave he sometimes settles down for some reason as in no one to give him negative reinforcement).

Image result for negative reinforcement gif
Might be true…the amount of yelling at Remus I do LOL

And of course when I went back out later that evening for last check he was munching hay and like oh hey mom. What’s happening? My horse, fool or evil genius, you decide? That horse is going to drive me to drink (more). 🙂

Image result for galavant gif

The other morning he and Tate were spooking at something and came flying up three or four times while I was cleaning stalls. No clue what they saw. But they were snorting and ripping and being idiots. I didn’t get the real ripsnorting they were do but I got a snippet (notice Tate having to be the lead)!

And here they had stopped and Remus realized I was in the stall cleaning it and taking video (note his sides heaving, fat buckskin is SO out of shape)!

He is a nut job. I know part is because he needs work but he has gotten so squirrely lately. Hopefully wherever I send him for training doesn’t stamp him BAD NUT and return him promptly.

Related image

As for Tate he is chugging along doing fine so far. I think the dry conditions are helping him a bit. But he is shedding like mad. I assume this is normal but omg so much hair coming off with little help from me. See the video…

That is a LOT of hair. With hardly brushing. Whew. Meanwhile Remus is holding onto his hair like he knows we have more winter coming. Since it is still January, maybe this is the first time Remus has not been stupid??

that was all off his butt in the time it took me to take the video about 15 seconds?? 

Anyone else’s horses being lunatics? I know some of you have made me feel better before so do it again!! Hey it is the middle of the week! FRIDAY IS COMING! YAY.

Image result for i hate work gif
I have a problem LOL

13 thoughts on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

  1. Whisper has been weird again. This winter and last winter she consistently thinks she sees something and then literally starts pacing and pacing and won’t stop and then will run in and out of her stall and make herself super lame and sore. We have to put her out in the arena before she’ll calm down. Personally, I think she learned this from a horse at the previous barn we had her before we moved her to ours. It’s taking A LONG time, but she’s super slowly getting a bit better. Add in that we think she has a tendon or ligament tear and needs stall rest and not pacing, it’s a mess of ick. There are coyotes, but I think at the other place, being remote there were people who said they saw mountain lions at night, so I think she’s just on high alert, learned it from another horse, and the way her stall was she couldn’t get a break from the weather, so even though she’s got a good stall now, when winter hits she starts freaking out. I think a friend next to her will help because she pisses Amber off, so Amber being a friend stalled next to her is a no-go, but there’s only so much you can do, right?

    So there you go. We’re in the same boat lol. I hope that made you feel better LOL

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  2. BO texted me to let me know P needed an additional 2mLs of Ace (he gets 2mLs first thing in the AM before turnout) mid-morning because he was going a little nuts, as were most of the other horses. So don’t feel so bad. There are cows on 3 sides of the farm and when the wind blows, all the smells seem to get them a wee bit riled up. R smells SATAN PIG!

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