A Quick Glimpse of Spring Then Back to Winter Later This Week

I got this photo midroll on Friday morning as he got up. Magnificent horse right? 🙂

Friday the weather got warm but we did have rain off and on which sucked. But the weather this weekend was EFFING GLORIOUS. Like perfect. And we worked on the farm most of the weekend so I didn’t do much more than brush the horses. But it was one of those weekends when you feel happy with the world because the weather was amazing. As in 72 on Sunday (68 on Saturday).

We got all the poles placed for fencing in the front lot where I lunge or can ride and will turn horses out there for a few hours once in awhile….

We had tractor (throttle) issues though and the internet (and Mark!) saved the day. Not only did he figure out what wrong (the bolt had come loose inside the dash) but he tightened it and it still wasn’t working so he went in and researched some more and ended up getting it working again. YAY Mark. I guess I WILL keep you (HA) he also got a lesson in cleaning stalls again. He has a fun week ahead of him with Remus and Tate. I hope they behave for him!

crazy crazy weather

I head to Dad’s on Wednesday. I need to follow up with that college kid to make sure she is still coming (She has been awfully quiet since last week ugh) and helping Mark out with a few days of cleaning stalls, watering etc. The weather is supposed to rain all week AND be in the high 60s until Thursday night when it will plummet to the 30s and be high 40 on the weekend. I hate when it fluctuates like that. I get so stressed thinking about it and am hoping the horses drink okay all week so they are hydrated…my friend Steph is going to come and put sheets/blankets back on Thursday night for the weekend. Whew.

Does this angle make my back look fat (asks Remus)

But this weekend the horses both enjoyed naked turn out time. I almost left them out last night for the evening it was so warm but they were both really spooky (sigh)when I went out and checked them last night before bed so I put them up. I want Mark to try to put them up each evening so I might as well keep them up at night. It is safer that way I think. No loose horses please!

Could his coat glow any brighter and those dapples!

Remus’s coat is just shining and Tate got shedded yesterday and I had another pile that would make another pony for me. His coat is not as shiny and pretty as Remus’s ugh.

see how dull his coat is (I mean yes Tate is dirty but Remus gleams)

I am hoping Tate once he sheds will look better underneath but his hair literally pulls out in clumps. And is so dry and dingy looking. Remus is shedding a bit but not as much as Tate.


I scraped the paddock down a bit with the front end loader but it is still so much wet. ICK. It has helped but if we get the rain we are supposed to this week it won’t help for long. IF IT JUST WOULDN’T RAIN FOR A FEW WEEKS. Seriously the minute it starts drying up a bit, Tennessee dumps some rain over us.  I am getting pretty annoyed by now.

it still looks horrible but it is so much better but not for long!

The sky was beautiful this weekend and I soaked up as much sun as I could all weekend outside! Mark also fixed my barn door which was stuck so we are as ready as we are going to be for me to head north! Today is gloomy so glad I soaked up some sun.

blue skies makes everything better!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. And sorry but that Super Bowl was snoozeworthy!  A few of the commericals were quite good but I feel even they weren’t as sparkling as they used to be. I must be honest, I trotted off to bed before the third quarter was done! How bout you?

Image result for boring gif
me watching tv last night

20 thoughts on “A Quick Glimpse of Spring Then Back to Winter Later This Week

  1. yay for some sunshine finally 😉 i’m so excited for this short little warm up, but i just know charlie’s gonna be wallowing in the mud the second i take his sheet off haha

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sunshine is the best!! We are having highs in the upper 70s this week and a bit of rain, but I got into the arena and dragged it for the first time since summer…ugh. It was so fluffy and pretty afterwards. H’Appy is going to start hiding once he sees the drag after this weekend’s ride…HA!

    Safe travels to visit your dad!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So jealous! That weather is here today and tomorrow which is lovely and all, but LAME that it’s during work days. I bet Tate will shine up after he gets to have a bath. Rio has kind of oily skin which makes him super shiny in the summer, but it dulls the winter coat because everything just sticks to it. Gross.
    Hope you have safe travels and the horses behave for their dad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ha ha ha Remus glorious. 🙂 ha ha ha….he is covered in mud today because yep rain! WHEW it was getting too dry in my paddock I NEVER WILL SAY! UGH….enjoy your sun while you have it.


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