Satan Pig Strikes Again


Can you put out a hit on a pig? I would pay someone to come shoot this pig or at least remove it from roaming freely. Remus and Tate jumped out today (yes I should be leaving for Dad’s now but am not yet due to my horses losing their damn brains). Remus ran away, Tate came back. Both are cut to hell (not sure if from wire or from going thru woods, sure Remus’s are from going through woods down the road all the to where the neighbors have horses).

Yes me walking my horse back home. he was calm till we got back home and he could still smell PIG

I am at my wit’s end. I don’t want Mark to deal with this/ And I don’t want to let them out so they get out again even if the pig is gone. WHAT DO I DO? Mark is talking selling the place this is how bad it has gotten. UGH I just had to vent. Seriously, my life??



Remus is cut and so is Tate. Once they calm down I will go out and see what they have done.


I have my vet leaving Ace for me for Mark to have to give orally but I am literally at my wit’s end. If there was a kennel for horses I would be using it today to leave them while I go to dad’s. UGH

Spring is coming though!

My horse is still insane I have him locked up for now.

34 thoughts on “Satan Pig Strikes Again

  1. I’m trying to think what you could do. Locking Remus, Tate, and the pig in a pen together until they get over themselves might be the best solution, but… Is there a reason your neighbor can’t/won’t keep the pig contained?

    Some kind of perimeter fencing? No climb with fast growing shrubs? Not cheap, but then the pig can’t come into your pastures… Cheaper than selling and moving…

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  2. I am with Carly. I would call animal control. If that doesn’t work and it still gets loose, I would be getting rid of the pig on my own. I don’t take kindly to irresponsible neighbors who make my livestock break fences.

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  3. I am so sorry! Do you know who owns the pig? Can you go talk to them? I think slapping them with the vet bill will get them to take you seriously?? Its clearly not the pig’s fault- it’s the irresponsible owners. I think talking to them, giving them the bill and then going to the authorities are all viable options!

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  4. I’d call Animal Control for sure.
    The fact this pig is roaming around is NOT cool, esp if he’s causing so many issues for your horses.

    I’m so sorry the horses got out – I hope they are OK.

    Do you know who owns the pig?? Maybe you could go talk to them?? It isn’t your responsibility to have to shoo the pig away or get a dog or whatever else. People need to contain their fucking animals. I hope you are ok.

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  5. ohhhhh no 😦 i’m so so so sorry you have to deal with this, esp now that the horses *know* they can escape. i really hope they don’t get hurt.

    re: calling animal control, you definitely should. i’m a little bit worried for you tho. in many states, the laws around loose livestock put the onus and responsibility on keeping animals *out* of your property, vs having the owners keep their animals fenced *in*. in other words, the answer you might get is that it’s up to you to keep the pig off your property. which…. is not a very satisfying answer at ALL. i wish you luck tho, sorry i don’t have any helpful ideas 😦

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      1. ugh yea those are all good ideas Sarah. it’s worth taking seriously too. Michele idk if you follow Theresa’s blog at Journey with a Dancing Horse, but she lost her beloved gelding to catastrophic injuries after a loose german shepherd ran him through a fence. i believe she took the dog’s owners to court too, but did not win her case. such a scary sad story 😦

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  6. Omg that has got to be so frustrating.

    Can you add height to your fence in hopes that they would not jump out of it?
    Do you know who owns the pig? I would be giving them the vet bill and letting them know if the pig comes back on your property it will be no more. Think of all the bacon you could have!

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  7. As I texted you, find the owner and tell them the next time you see that pig it’s going to be on your table as a delicious ham and some bacon. I mean, it’s not the pigs fault but it also isn’t your responsibility and poor Remus getting hurt 😦 what would happen if he jumped out and hit someone on the road? Ugh.

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  8. I agree with everyone else – if the pig has an owner, maybe it’s time for a discussion. If it doesn’t, can you trap it? Or honestly, if all else fails, shoot it? It’s not the pigs fault but you can’t have the horses running through fences!

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  9. My husband said he’ll come and hunt down Satan Pig. I showed him a picture and he’s dying to see it in person. I’m echoing the above suggestions to call AC. You can’t just have your satanic looking animals roaming around, causing mayhem. Ugh, sorry you’re having to deal with this.

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    1. ugh yeah we know who it is. I will go meet him next week. And you are correct. NOT what i needed at all. I am 900 miles away and stressed they will get out while Mark is at work.
      PS TATE JUMPED and REMUS BULLDOZED thru the fence. You can tell by the wiremarks on his chest. SMH….


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