Hazy Shade of Winter

The Three Amigos (Aka our three geese) hang out at our ponds most days still, here they are meandering in neighbors field next door after a dip in our pond..

Blog content fell off the wagon this week with traveling back from Dad’s and catching up at work and really having nothing to say. I still have nothing to say but figured I had better post SOMETHING anyway. The weather has been warm then cold then wet. It is not a fun winter.

Image result for boring gif
me most days

The three geese land on runway 5 (we call the pond runway 5 due to the way they come screeching in for a landing this cracks us up), each day and hang out in the pond. The gorgeous duck was back for a couple days Mark told me while I was gone but he hasn’t been seen since. Things are quiet here thank goodness. No pig alerts yet. Fingers crossed. THOUGH Remus and Tate keep an eye out just in case. As you should.


Remus probably: Tate you take the left quadrant and I will take the right one. LASERS ON. WATCH OUT FOR PIGS!

But Mark made out fine with them while I was gone but I do think they were pretty happy to see me back for sure. Remus let out a big nicker when he saw me on Tuesday afternoon like THANK GOODNESS THAT WOMAN THAT FEEDS US IS BACK!

IMG_1032 (1)
He is disgustingly dirty and did not lose weight while I was gone LOL!
IS that a PIG? No just the dogs and Mark. Doesn’t his mane and bridlepath look AMAZING UGH.
Image result for hazy shade of winter gif
It’s a hazy shade of winter for sure COME ON SPRING!

Work is crazy and the mud is atrocious. One day maybe I will get to at least lunge Remus. Until then I am just their maid. Whatever. Happy Friday all!

Related image
Remus and Tate both probably
Magnificent right? LOL
IS THAT A PIG, OMG IT IS IT IS A PIG OMG…oh it’s a Cardinal, my bad….says Tate




19 thoughts on “Hazy Shade of Winter

  1. I thought H’Appy was fat but um…Remus needs an intervention 😁

    I’m glad the pig hasn’t returned. Though it is odd that a fellow herbivore would cause so much issues. Sorry boys but you would not survive the zombie apocalypse. Neither would H’Appy though for other reasons.

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