Schnauzer Saturday Is Back!

These two love to snuggle together…how cute are they??

Happy Schnauzer Saturday! We are dreary and chilly here today but no rain at this very second. For once. Not sure how long that will last. Hope the weather is nicer where everyone else is (80s in Texas are you kidding me??)!

Dropping off at groomer this week (Ollie is wearing his skeptical eyes)
Image result for pack your angry eyes gif
Ollie is Mr Potato Head for sure! 🙂

Before grooming, Ollie was a canine mop this time, so overgrown!

Who me? (Photobomb by Gretchen)

After grooming (Ollie)

so cute (and sleepy)!
Regal queen on her throne (poof bed)
Do we have enough beds?? Gretchen thinks we need more….

Ollie before grooming earlier this week. How big are his paws? (Not really that big)


Happy Weekend to all!

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