What a Week: We Made It To Friday!

Remus supervising THE WHOLE TIME. I think he was asking the cable guy to add HBO or something?

My cable/internet was out again on Thursday since the cable company was working on the bucket truck and took it offline again. HELLO PEOPLE, I WORK FROM HOME. Sigh. It took about an hour and half for them to fix it again and then the guy actually came up to the house to make sure it was working before he left so I do appreciate that! Here’s hoping this is the last time (though they still have to come bury our wire).

Image result for get off my lawn gif
me soon I am afraid…STAY OFF MY LAND!

Anyway as of today we still have internet so I am happy. But it is raining. Again. Hard.  I left horses up because it is so nasty and my vet is coming to do Remus’s teeth later. The horses didn’t even mind staying up it is that bad (usually Remus is ramming the stall to get out).  I am glad to get his teeth done though as he (even though he is not losing weight) is dropping a lot of food. He has some sharp points one each side of his mouth and I think they are bothering him. Plus this gets him one step closer to boot camp.

Image result for hee hee hee gif
Me thinking of Remus getting worked again…hee hee hee (Rubbing hands in glee)
IMG_1095 (1)
He has to have a sheet or blanket on at night because he insists on sleeping in his pee. EWW, what a horse right?

Remus is very special talented. How many horses can manage to pee in their haycube/beet pulp feeder? OH, Mine can. SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL. And he didn’t even finish the mash before he did this. ICK. Not my idea of a good mash.

IMG_1094 (1)
Disgusting horse

We did have sun for a brief period Thursday morning. Didn’t last long but it was nice for three seconds. I hope it returns sometime before July!

Sun come back soon

And finally we had a woodpecker sighting at our feeder. They don’t always come to feeders so it was great seeing one (I missed a good shot in the feeder but got him on our fence instead). I love seeing woodpeckers again we had so many in Delaware. I hear them around here but this is my first time seeing one. This is the red-bellied variety I think (though it has a red head too)!


hungry hungry woodpecker…

And speaking of hungry! Here is Tate!

Tate saying hi!
Tate wishes everyone a great Friday! (he is disgusting too) but cute. He is looking out the front barn doors just to make sure no pig is sneaking up without us knowing it. SMH

Happy Friday all! Hope everyone has fun plans ahead. Mine are just to stay warm and dry and if Sunday turns out nice for us to finish running the fence up by the road so horses can go up there for grass soon! It is getting so green up there. Remus says yummy (Tate too)! What are your plans?

13 thoughts on “What a Week: We Made It To Friday!

    1. Oh our neighbor in Newark, DE had one (a pileated one so very rare to see in town) peck the paint off his windows. LOLLOL So I can see that is annoying. Ours in DE would peck at our steel chimney and it would echo around the house and get the dogs barking! HA HA HA

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  1. Rain here too. Looks like until Sunday evening. SC never has standing water and there are 4″ deep puddles everywhere. So gross and will take forever to dry out. I’m hoping to us ea local indoor arena and actually ride before H’Appy gets himself on the chopping block with the Hubby. Those two are butting heads bad right now.

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  2. lol charlie has definitely peed in his bucket like that before too. so. gross. he also will occasionally (and i’m 99.9% positive he does it on purpose) poop in his feed tub…. ugh horses.

    anyway tho. TGIF!

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  3. Making it to Friday doesn’t mean we made it through Friday… It’s 1pm and I still have an office consult and a class to teach. I just want to go home and sleep. Instead I have to go home, clean stall, and wrangle horses. After that class and consultation.

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  4. Our weather has been awful too, and the multiple storms seem to be timing themselves for power and internet outages on my work from home days. You have my sympathies – not being able to work is quite stressful (file that under things child me would have never thought possible!)

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  5. I don’t want to say this too loudly, but we’ve had two gorgeous days in a row! Shhh. I hear it’s ending tomorrow though.
    Jamp peed in his rubber tub not too long ago too. I wish I could train him to do that and just leave a muck tub for him!


  6. Tate’s looking adorably dirty and Remus sounds more like a Pig-Pen 🙂 there was a little bit of sun where I’m at today, but between rain, sleet and snow it’s been (and is going to be…) hard to come by here too and I’m over it

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  7. It’s so absolutely frustrating when you work from home and the internet goes out. Especially when you don’t have easy access to an alternate place. Luckily I did when I was working from home. Hopefully you get that line buried and they leave your wires the hell alone!

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