Remus Is A Lightweight

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Pretty sure Remus is anti-dentite now! Naw he doesn’t remember any of itΒ 

I know I will get more clicks from that title for this blog post than any other, you are all scratching your head going whaaaat? How can a horse roughly the size of a small town be a lightweight? Well he can when we talk about drugs. Easy drunk, as in lightweight, as in stoned out of his mind: My horse. I am so proud.

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My vet came to float Remus’s teeth on Friday. And he likes to sedate the horse to do that. Remus usually is fine for a float without sedation but I figured as spooky as Remus has been why not sedate him? My vet gave him a dose for a smaller horse (maybe 700-800 lbs)? Needless to say Remus is quite a bit more weight than that but my vet said we can always give him more. Um…nope. Not needed. Within five seconds of the shot here is my wild horse. HA!

doped up to the max

So my vet warned me that Remus would probably raise his head when he starts floating, etc. So I mayΒ  need to hold it down. Okay I said. I ended up having to HOLD my horse’s head up. I was dying laughing trying to photograph and hold my doped up horse’s head up. It was amusing for sure.

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Pretty sure Remus felt like Kitty

First he had to smooth out a few of his incisors as they were rubbing a bit wrong. But then he had two or three sharp edges way back in his mouth too. Remus was so doped up I think except for holding his head up I could have gone out to Walmart to shop and he would still be there when I got back.




When we were all done Remus was no different than before but maybe even more doped up.

sad pony

While Remus was in lala land, the vet checked his, umm, private parts? And found two big huge beans. So glad he thought of doing that. So Remus should be a lot happier now with eating and with peeing!! The things we do right??

Poor fellow!! Pay no attention to his broodmare belly πŸ™‚

Then I went into get my checkbook and asked the vet to watch him for me and to help me get him into his stall (I was totally worried Remus was going to fall over LOL).

my vet really likes Remus a lot πŸ™‚ Easy wild Remus! HA
still feeling NO pain at all almost an hourΒ  later…LOL

The good thing is that even though Remus is turning 16 this year (wait, how in the hell is that happening?) the vet thinks his teeth are great and do not show that he is 16 except for the smoothing he had to do. So that is good news!!

Tate was hilarious and I wished I had gotten a photo of him (I had left them both up on Friday due to the torrential rain). We had backed the vet’s truck into the barn and Tate was torn between trying to lick the truck and horrified watching Remus. Finally he turned his butt to the proceedings and looked out the window! So funny, so much for friends right. You are on your own Remus, Tate said!

Related image
Tate to Remus

I usually get Remus’s teeth done each year but last year the dentist up north said he was okay. I guess I will continue to get him checked and just plan on doing him each year as needed.Β  How often does your horse get his teeth done?

Image result for ross teeth gif

Did everyone have a fun weekend? Ours was torrential rain and 70s on Saturday and sunny(YAY) and 50 on Sunday.Β We had lots of local flooding over the weekend and even had a time getting home on Saturday from the store. It was crazy not only were local roads closed but they weren’t just flooded but they had rapids going over them. We had to figure out a way to get home that didn’t go down those roads. The amount of rain we got was INSANE! Next few days are dry and decent then more rain and then extended forecast shows…snow? Ummm okay. Never boring!!

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Tennessee weather is cuckoo

45 thoughts on “Remus Is A Lightweight

  1. Wait. You’ve floated his teeth without sedation??? I didn’t even know that was possible! Kudos to Remus! I can’t even imagine doing that with one of my horses!
    Glad his teeth are in tip top shape and he’s ready for riding. Whenever the rain stops!!


  2. Amber is such a lightweight as well. She’s so chill tho that when they had to redo the packing after her tooth was pulled they didn’t even sedate her. She just let them put the thing on and was a good sport about it all lol. She actually got her stifle injected too without drugs one time, and only lifted her leg slightly. All the vets love her haha! But when she does need drugging, she only needs a little bit because she looks like Remus LOL πŸ˜€

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  3. Hahah. Should see how he would’ve reacted to Satan Pig while in Dreamy Dream Land, lol!!

    Big horses get theirs done every year, but Spud gets his done every 2 years simply bc the Vets don’t have tools small enough to work on his little mouth so as a result he usually gets a few cuts 😦 Poor guy. His teeth have always been really good so I let him go 2 years vs 1 just so he doesn’t have to deal with an ouchy mouth (not that that has ever stopped him from eating lol).

    This past year tho, the travelling Vet that normally comes up didn’t call me to let me know she was coming up (I WAS on the wait list!!!) so Annie and Spud never got done last year. Annie had minor sharp edges tho in her last exam so I figured she was OK to wait. Both will get done this Spring tho!

    I do know some people who do them every 3-4 years – just depends on the horse I guess. Suzie was done twice a year because her teeth were so bad – lots of $$$$, haha


    1. yeah i told the vet that bring the pig in now LOL thanks for telling me what you do. Remus is pretty good teeth wise so usually he gets checked every year then floated every 2 years. It wasnt cheap but considering all he did it was well worth it so I can certainly do each year. This vet is very money conscious (for a vet) so if he thinks Remus doesnt need it next year we will skip! and did you watch Seinfeld? If not youtbe the tiny little instruments for the squirrel episode and that is what i was thinking about Spud and the dentals πŸ™‚ HA HA HA


  4. Gosh, Henry is a major lightweight too. He’s high drama in all directions. Presto is the opposite… it would take elephant tranquilizer to make him sleepy. Granted, he’s also way more stoic and tolerant.

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  5. I thought they ALWAYS had to be done with sedation, but i have a dentist (not a vet) doing spicy’s dental work now and he didn’t have to be sedated at all! I think it’s hand tools vs power tools.

    Also omg those are not beans. They are rocks. I don’t want to do spicy’s when it starts getting nice out……….

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    1. I would totally have an equine dentist if I could find one in the area but since Remus is so easy maintenance I think the vet is fine. A dentist did him up in PA! But always said Remus was his fave πŸ™‚ HA!


      1. Geoff Turnbull. His wife and daughter boarded with me at Lewisville. He is great!! I recommend him def. Not sure who you use (They live in Landenberg so near you). I have his contact if u need it!


  6. I get teeth done yearly, which has been frequently enough thus far. I’ll change it if the vet advises so.

    My weekend was great! Aside from hauling my trailer in that giant bombogenesis wind storm that hit the midwest/midatlantic as I had to get home from my dressage show on Sunday. I was gripping my steering wheel SO HARD. And I probably made a ton of urban drivers mad, but what ya gonna do when the horse show is basically in urban but upscale Detroit?

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  7. Rio is a lightweight too. Years ago after an injury they said I should give him 1.5 cc’s of ace to start back under tack. (He couldn’t act up at all or we’d be set back.) Well, I never needed more than .5. And for vet procedures he always gets half what a horse his size normally would get. I don’t mind, helps the old check book!
    I have their teeth checked twice a year when we do shots, but usually we only need to float once a year. Rio sometimes twice since the epm messed his bite up a little.

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  8. Pie can be done with no sedation. When he came home from the track, I set up to have the dentist come out with the vet so we could do shots, teeth – and maybe even body clip while he was sedated. Dentist walked in, recognized him from the track, and said he didn’t need drugs…so we learned that day he body clips with no drugs too!

    Poppi…well, he is good about 99.9% of everything…he did an even yesterday (granted with Sally in the irons) in 40mph winds without batting an eye…seriously, the flags were blowing off the xc jumps. But the dentist is SCARY!!!! like satan pig scary. To do his teeth takes enough sedation to do a standing castration…and that’s only enough to make him tolerable, not good, for the dentist.

    I spent the weekend on a whirlwind trip to Aiken watching Sally compete Poppi…and Pie’s little brother (who belongs to her)…the weather was crazy, but it was a fun day nonetheless!

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    1. I love that Satan Pig is in our vocabulary now for us all. Like I use it most days in conversation LOL!

      I am glad the event well well even if the wind was insane…..

      Poor Poppi…he must have watched the Marathon Man movie. Shudders…..


  9. Haha, poor Remus!

    Henry is a lightweight but Coolie is NOT! Both mine get sedated because they are done with power tools. And they get done every 6 month and it costs me a small fortune…

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  10. Both my horses are the complete opposite of Remus – they are not cheap dates. Last time Phantom got done, I had taken her in to get her hocks injected, and had them look at her teeth. Since I was already at the clinic I decided to get them done, but told them to look at her sedation history, as the last time the vet had nailed it. They looked and decided she didn’t need that much. Sedated her for her hocks, then put her in the stocks for her teeth. Phantom said “game on”. Three (maybe four?) top-ups later she was done. I had a bill of $125 for sedation alone, and a very sleepy horse to try to perk up before putting her on the trailer! (She only fights during the procedure, as soon as It’s done she’s back to her normal chill self.)

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    1. My vet has done that he said but a horse freaked one time and ever since if he doesn’t have to do it he doesn’t. Luckily I lift weights (Or have lifted weights) so it was kind of doing deadlifts HA!


  11. I get Scarlet’s teeth done yearly-ish. He’s pretty good generally so it doesn’t take long to smooth everything out. He gets a normal amount of sedation but when he was younger he needed more than normal. He did not like floating at all. This last time he was pretty good. Also, those beans are huge!!! Poor Remus!

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  12. We do Gem and Pete every 2 years. It has worked out fine and our equine dentist agrees they don’t need it any more frequently. Who knows with Butthead. He has some screwed up top teeth and cribs so I’ll be curious what she finds on him. They are due this spring.

    I hope boot camp involves SC so you come visit me!

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  13. Holy moly those are massive beans!

    I wish my horses were such lightweights – it would be a lot cheaper! Q, even at her 900-930ish lbs. takes more than either of the boys who are a good 100 lbs heavier! My vet always wishes she could give her more because she’s still so reactive, but it simply isn’t safe lol!

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  14. Oh my goodness, he was really doped up LOL! Ellie and Dreamy need a fairly good dose for floats. I have them checked yearly each fall. I definitely think meeting Satan Pig while doped up would have been a good idea. Maybe Remus would’ve made friends with it or maybe it would’ve woken him up REALLY FAST haha.

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