Schnauzer Saturday

I won this on an online auction for Schnauzer Love Rescue to go toward funds for a very sick rescue schnauzer they have in now. It is SO cute isn’t it and perfect for Schnauzer Saturday?

So Tate leaves on Monday (I am hauling him to his new place, I sure hope he loads!). He is still lame. I am not sure if it is abscesses still (my farrier only found slight ones in both front feet but nothing major) or what but he usually is better after moving around. I hope he starts feeling better before he gets to his new home. Poor guy. He was laying down today when I came out and he did get up for his grain and he is eating so I think he is just foot sore. I am going to miss him so much but I won’t miss that! But it will be very odd around here for sure!

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Bernie continues to settle in as the Number 3 dog child. She is wild as a puppy can be and her housebreaking is sporadic. But she is getting there. She is also cute which helps immensely.

Related image

Now prepare for an onslaught of photos!! You have been warned!!

When you are trying to take photos of the schnauzer often to the side is this face…..wanting to know what is going on!
All bark no bite is Gretchen!

Don’t let that calm demeanor fool ya!

The gang’s all here except for Gretchen (who is probably at the door barking for me to come back inside!)
from the cold front earlier in the week. How cute in their blankets?


I finally got a workout area cleared in spare room only for Gretchen to commander the mat. Hey, at it all matches right? We need to paint I know! (kid’s room before we moved in!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I know of two of my friends showing this weekend at least. Good luck to Amanda and Emily and anyone else who is showing!! Hope the weather holds for all!

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Since I have so little blog content with Remus away, I will save the one video of Remus for Monday. OOHH I am such a tease! Aren’t I? Ha thanks to Emily for sharing it with me so I can see my fat buckskin! Let’s just say Remus is doing great (and I dont think he misses me at all!).

Image result for do you miss me gif
Me to Remus, his answer will be nope I am sure!

6 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. Bye bye Tate!!! Hope he enjoys his new home!!! I know it’s got to be a mixed bag of emotions but I’m sure your pastures will enjoy a break from little hooves churning up mud and dirt 🙂 until Remus comes back….and with a new friend????? Or Bernie can hang out with Remus- Bernie is seriously adorable!!!


  2. Our spring time pup is spending as much time outside as he possibly can. I think he’s also getting hot… which doesn’t bode well for how the summer’s going to go

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  3. It will be a sad to see Tate to go, but he’s an awful lot more work and stress than you need! I hope he likes his new place better, and his feet feel better too.
    Your pups are adorable! Looks like they are all getting along well.

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