Bye Bye Tater Tot: I’ll Miss You!

I am totally going to miss this fluff nugget I have to say!!

Tate is not here anymore but now is at his new barn about 45 minutes from me. It is so weird to think there are NO horses outside to be fed, turned out, taken care of and…ohh to be wrapped due to being three-legged lame. Poor Tate’s abscess(es) must have finally sprung. He was out Saturday in the front field and was a bit tender but not lame (it is a long walk out there no way he could have done it lame). And then on Sunday we had rain/thunder/lightning from hell and he stayed in all day! Good thing cause he was three- legged lame after Saturday. As bad as I felt about him leaving my barn, I might have been a bit giddy otherwise.

Saturday was PERFECT WEATHER and look things are greening up!!
Sunday was not perfect not at all!
Almost to front door yikes
crazy right? not only this but lightning was SCARY bad. UGH
Not our yard but nearby. How horrible is this??

So yesterday I stressed all day about how lame Tate was and ended buying Magic Cushion and some other stuff to wrap his hoof so he might actually get to leave today. Thank you Tractor Supply for taking my money but it made me sleep better. He was really lame on all four feet (or tender at least) but being the drama llama he is….who knows what was going on but the one that was the worse was the one I wrapped. These photos above were from this morning when I went out and I was glad he was laying down to give his legs a rest but it took a lot to get him up again. He had pooped in both of his buckets (thanks Tate first time he did that while here, guess it was a farewell gift?) and ate some hay so I don’t think he was down all night.

The two photos above were yesterday during the day, holding the foot up but also putting weight but by last nite he was not putting any weight on it. So I wrapped him last night then went out this morning and once I got him up I put more Magic Cushion on along with TWO diapers, some vetwrap and duck tape. Purple and orange for the win. I wanted to be sure (hoping anyway) that he would load. I had my doubts he was so three legged. But once I put the new wrap on he did rest the foot a bit more on the ground.

Then since Tate was up for over 24 hours and since I can outrun a lame ass pony any day (I hope), I let him go in the front to nibble on grass loose while I got the trailer ready. He started eating grass so he wasn’t that bad.

His foot looks like an elf foot since I have about five inches of diaper right on his toe to keep the weight off the pressure. LOL Nom nom nom he says.

Then came the moment of truth (with me still in my pjs no less) I got him over to the trailer. It took a while but he got up to it and Mark walked out on his way to work so Mark stood behind him while I tried to convince Tate to go up the ramp. It took a few minutes but damn if that pony didn’t walk (hop) right in!! YAY PONY! I almost unloaded him and kept him then. What a good Tater Tot! Damn I love that pony.

Related image
I have visions of Tate jamming to heavy metal πŸ™‚

But then I realized well Tate is in the trailer but I am not ready. (remember, PJs still on LOL) So he had a haynet and seemed calm so off I ran to the house to let dogs out and take a quick shower and get on the road. Tate was just standing patiently waiting when I came out ready to go! (I think the fact the trailer probably smelled like Remus helped) HA!

Image result for slow driver gif
I was driving Mr. Tate so close to Miss Daisy!

We headed to his new home. I drove very carefully totally aware of a pony who had a sore foot (or more) so it took us a while but I wanted him to not fall over or anything.

Tate stall is right thru those barn doors on the left. I love the barn it is a shedrow type but has walls so there is still an aisle etc. I will be going back to visit Tate and will get more photos then!! But it is nice!

Once we arrived, Tate turned around in the trailer to unload (small pony can do what he wants I say)! Honestly the place he is now living at I was ready to write a check out and live there myself in one of the stalls. Tate seemed very happy to see other horses and was quietly eating hay when I left. I am so glad he is gone but am so sad he is gone. Isn’t that weird? I am sorry I couldn’t keep him. And I feel like I failed him in some way.

Image result for i failed you gif

His owner was like thank you for all you did. I am well yeah but I returned a lame pony to you! HA she said he will be fine (Her horses have had several abscesses this year, our winter has just been so wet ugh)!Β  But I am happy he seems happy (and hopefully to be sound soon) in his new place (which really isnt new since he boarded there many years ago). And now I have no horses out back. How very odd. NOW what do I do (until Remus comes back)? But I have plans on getting some gravel in for the paddock and around the barn opening (I had real water in my aisle yesterday from that gulley washer yikes, not a lot but a bit). Also would like to powerwash stalls and move the mats and replace as needed. SOOOO if it ever stops raining…that will begin!

Image result for so weird gif

Oh and those that stayed till the very end. Here is your Remus video πŸ™‚ It was worth the wait! HA

Thanks Emily for giving me a peek at Remus last week! So cute isn’t he?? He is still winning fans up in KY from what I understand. Keep on being you, Remus!


24 thoughts on “Bye Bye Tater Tot: I’ll Miss You!

  1. awww I am also kind of sad about Tate, but I totally think it was the right call. Now to get that barn in TIP TOP SHAPE! Remus is going to have STANDARDS when he gets back hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Def. not going to miss worrying about the abscesses. He was such a drama queen that 9 times out of ten I was sure he was colicing or foundering or dying. SMH 😦 HA! I miss him this am though that face was so cute!! I will go see him soon I think and take treats!


  2. I’m sad too, to see Tate leave, but I think you did the right thing ❀ It doesn't mean you failed him or that you loved him any less. You did what you had to do for his sanity – and yours. I think that speaks volumes to the kind of horsewoman you are.

    And holy crow, look at Weemus just a'flyin' around that course, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know they seem to have found Weemus’s third or fourth gear that was elusive to me πŸ™‚ HA!!

      Thanks for what you said about Tate…that means a lot to me. I didnt want people to think I was just giving up!


      1. I can assure you no one thinks that ❀ You did what you could for him and he was so very well loved. They become a part of your family, so it's hard to let go!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks! and yes it is bad how many people I talk to have had them this year and never had many before. Crazy wet winter….the mud here is part of the reason Tate got them I know (then there is iron feet Remus who was fine!)


  3. I can understand the strange feeling of missing Tate but also being happy to have one less stress! Looks like a great home for him! And OMG Remus is such a cutie hopping over those fences!! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I totally understand the feeling of relief and sadness all at the same time. But just think about how much work you can do prepping for your new pony and Remus’s return!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i seem to have a lot of extra time this morning and kept thinking oh I need to go to the barn..and then oops no I don’t. (Tho once it dries up and sun comes out later I need to go hose my trailer out!


  5. One of my furkids left 2 weeks ago for his new family (breeding prospect puppy who went oversized, so pet home for him) and I totally get you on this! New home is awesome but you still kinda wish things hadworked out, yeah?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I felt the same when Nash left us though slightly more happy than sad. You did right by him the entire time and more than a lot of lease owners would have done. He will be happy with horses all around him and your stress will drop so much.

    Now to get Remus back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I forgot all about Nash! jeez. my brain. Yes it is the same kind of thing. I think I spent about 1000 on Tate over all in less than a year with shots/coggins/vetcare/farriercare not to mention all his new clothes that I sent back with him! It was like having my very own my little pony πŸ™‚ HA I hope he is okay today and feeling better!

      And Remus might not want to come back LOL


  7. I know that feeling. I had it for Ducky and Romey. It was hard to say goodbye, but they really were more work than I had bargained for, with almost no return. I mean, I’m not even sure they liked me. At least Tate was a sweet enough guy.
    Now sounds like the perfect time to do all that work you want to do before Remus comes back home. He’s looking great in the video! I think he’s having a lot of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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