Spring or Summer? It Feels Like Summer!

Image result for hot hot hot gifThe weather is calling for 83 today it was almost 80 yesterday  here. That is pretty dang hot for April in my mind. But at least it isn’t raining at this moment?? Though our weekend is supposed to be wet because of course it is. Why wouldn’t it rain again?

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Anyway it is beautiful right now in Tennessee with no real humidity and blue sky.

Could that sky be any more blue? Also the gutter guys took the last of the dead ivy off the chimney for us yesterday! YAY

It is quiet without Tate around (not that he was loud but he would rattle the bucket when in the stall or just make some sort of noise so now the barn seems very empty). Even Mark made a remark he doesn’t like the barn empty. Seems odd.

There is my Tater Tot being grazed by hand yesterday!! SO CUTE. 

Speaking of Tate, his abscess finally popped. It came out of his coronary band which never happened before (always been in the tippy toe of his foot) so this was a different way but anyway he has to feel better now the pressure is gone (And also probably why the farrier really couldnt see it last week). His owner sent me an update last night. I might go see Tate this weekend. I miss him though I do not miss the drama!

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Otherwise it is pretty quiet here. I am a bit bored and need to go out in the barn to work but a) work gets in the way and b) gutter people were here all day yesterday so that kind of stopped me from being able to work out there (all their equipment was out there). But maybe later today or tomorrow!!

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me most nights. Not good to wake up thinking about work right?

No real update from Remus but just that is he is being good and everyone wants to ride him. HA! I hope to go see him in a few weeks (who is going to NotRolex? I still haven’t figured it out but am hoping to get there Cross Country day if nothing else and get over to see Remus either on the Friday or the Sunday). Let me know who is going!

Also, Allison (Tate’s owner) has a show in Germantown this weekend (hunter/jumper) so I may go just to meet horse people and watch pretty horses jump. IF the weather holds. Image result for IF GIF

One other thing happened last night when we took the dogs out for a final potty break. Thank goodness Mark was paying attention because it was almost dark but this little snake visited us outside last night. I of course ran in to get my phone to take photos (I hate snakes but trying to learn about them more so I don’t hate them as much they still gross me out but I am getting better). Living in the country I have to be more open to the critters around here (Except the wasps those I freaking despise and will kill any chance I can). This is only my third snake seen here at the farm (one was the rat snake last year in my tack room, a dead Dekay’s snake the other week that I think it got too cold during the cold front the other week since I found it dead in the grass, and now this red milk snake). SHUDDER but still getting a bit better at least I took photos (FROM AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE)! HA


Happy Wednesday, the weekend is coming. I can just feel it!

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31 thoughts on “Spring or Summer? It Feels Like Summer!

    1. My husband loves that website so thanks! I also joined a snake identification group on facebook that is amazing. No judgement just information instantly almost!!

      Ha it is supposed to be 80 today and 70s all weekend with nonstop rain. I dont have a horse to shed right now and I am not upset about it 🙂 HA!


  1. I can’t decide what to do about NotRolex! It’s a little far to go there and back same day, but I reallllly want to get down there for at least XC (and… shopping!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. how far a drive is it for you?? I would love to go the whole time but my husband’s head would melt down and I don’t want to clean that up. 🙂 It is at least 5-6 hours I think from me (And I need to decide if I want to take horse trailer with me or not). Decisions decisions…:) let me know if you go!!


      1. It’s about 3hrs each way, so not bad but that means 6hrs in the car if I do it all in one day – not my favorite. I can’t get down the whole time because I’m taking some time off soon for some other things (to be revealed soon!), but it seems silly to go alone for one day!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I get it totally and understand!! I would love to go for the whole time too but even with no horses at home the three dogs would be a bit much for Mark and work. I have to travel for work a bit this month too and that doesn’t help! Keep me posted if you go do would love to meet you!


    1. i don’t mind having them just don’t want to see them. 🙂 (Speaking of rodents..I have a story to tell in my next blog post :)) I wish you were going too. I should NOT be going the only reason I might go is so I see Remus too. Method to my madness I guess.


    1. Come and get it! HA It was pretty cool looking and I don’t do snakes. There is a very cool facebook page for snake identification that has helped me immensely in my fear….


  2. I’ll be at not rolex and I’d love to see you!

    it got up to 80 on Sunday here (I think). So at least you’re not alone. That sky is crazy beautiful and I’m glad you’re getting less rain!

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  3. I would be screaming bloody murder at that snake lol. We had a mouser at the barn I used to work who was a total badass. She’d eat the mice and rabbits – was an amazing huntress lol. I’d prefer that over a snake lol. But I’m glad Tate and Remus are doing well!

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