Schnauzer Saturday

what the?? It is like the three blind mice without the blind LOL!

So I had emptied all water buckets and placed them in the barn after Tate left last week. Imagine my surprise when I went into the barn the other day to check on things and found three mice in the muck bucket. I guess they couldn’t get out?? WTF?? I thought mice could climb anything. I set them free in the woods hoping before they got back to the barn maybe Mr Snake might find them. UGH. Critters.

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By the way, the pollen is here. OMG so much pollen.

Yes my truck is green now. Because a blue truck and yellow pollen makes green. UGH so bad. We did get some rain so it washed some of it off but it was back again yesterday. My allergies have not been horrible yet but it is coming. I can feel it. I travel on Monday for work so am sure if the allergies don’t get me then the traveling by plane will make sure to give me lots of gross germs. ICK.

Double trouble playing

On to cute photos of pups instead. I had to take all three dogs to vet yesterday for minor things (heartworm shots, Bernie needed a booster etc.). Taking three dogs anywhere is exciting. I was exhausted by the time I got home. Ha!

Ollie waiting for one of his sister’s to return from the back. He gets very worried.

All three dogs did great with the vet even Ollie who is not always well-behaved.

Then we got home and they all crashed.



I have set up a workout area in one of our spare rooms and boy is it fun to try to do workouts with three dogs. Right?

Gretchen is like you don’t need this mat right?
This is what you get when you actually get on the mat to do any sort of exercise. You get a Bernie in your face..
And Ollie took the opportunity while I was working out to crawl under the bed for a snooze!
My Mat! Gretchen says…

And it is always naptime at my house for these guys!

Gretchen sleeping it off
Bernie says why use one bed when two can do?

It is chilly here in TN today compared to 80s earlier this week (it is in the 50s right now and spitting rain). I am ready to take a nap too! However, I have to find some work clothes deep in my closet for this upcoming week and actually dress like an adult starting on Tuesday. UGH. I guess my Eeyore fleecy pajamas won’t work? Bummer….!

Related image
totally me!!

Anyway have a good weekend all!!

Bernie says she is perfect…(She isn’t really) 🙂

4 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. I’ve totally taken allergies to the face – nonstop sneezing. Luckily our oak trees have finally stopped shedding. Buy a house with trees, they said. It’ll be pretty, they said.

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