Update Such As It Is: Not a Lot!

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My blog content lately sorry!

This blog post is not really anything but fluff. Not much to see here, move it along. But I wanted to post something! So an update on my so-called life!

another turtle sighting the other day I helped this guy cross our street (not a busy street but still didn’t want him crushed)

My truck is home. After a leak on the fuel line and the rubber lining of the fuel nozzle thingy (technical term of where the damn gas goes in) being repaired fingers crossed we have her back and running again. I am so skeptical of Edward now. Sad when your trust goes away. Emily has helped by sending me new truck links. (Not really helped but yeah I have an idea of what I want if I get a new truck). Mark really wants us to hold onto Edward right now if we can. We shall see.

How cool is this? Rose breasted grosbeak I think??

On to good news!! Remus should be coming home in a couple weeks. But even better than that? ET is going to ride him a minitrial up in KY before he comes and I am going to go watch it! YAY. I am signing him up this week. How exciting is that? I can’t wait to A) Meet EMILY of course and B) see my horse again and C) watch him ride three phases with ET on him. I could probably have rode him starter myself but I chose instead to let ET ride him in…wait for it…BN! I am so excited! I hope it doesn’t rain its ass off that weekend AND Remus behaves! Supposedly this is a soft course per Emily so I hope Remus does okay. He also is fitter than he has ever been probably so it is good timing!

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me probably that weekend LOL

Due to our everchanging weather and my damn life I haven’t gotten half what I wanted done in the barn. I hope to be able to get his stall done with new mats this weekend at least and work on the rest later. I still have to clean the paddock but the rain comes every few days so while it is dryer out there it is still a bit too wet to work out there.

ordered storm doors as well for our front and side door! wooohooo exciting stuff right? πŸ™‚

I cut the field the other day in front of the house area to knock down the weeds a bit.Β  And it was dusty (and pollen like crazy)! UGH How can something be dusty and damp at the same time?? But it looks a bit better. I figure better get it done before we have the nine-ten days of rain starting today (storms every day for almost two weeks)!

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My work has been insane lately and I kind of want a time out from that. I think I would be okay working if I didn’t have people to work with. Does that make sense? And yes I work from home. If I had to go into the office I might actually be that person you read about in the news.

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Me a few times this week (in my head I didn’t say it outloud on the phone)

So how is your week going? Better than mine?? Also our A/C is not working (tried it last night, heat pump turns on for the heat but not a/c), our kitchen sink is leaking (again) and I found mouse droppings in my laundry room this morning. Boy, I won the trifecta this week! HA We do have a home warranty but where to start? And our pest guy is coming back out (pretty sure he sprays water everywhere and puts some sticky traps down and calls it a day)! SMH Happy Hump Day!

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me lately!



13 thoughts on “Update Such As It Is: Not a Lot!

  1. I’m with Amanda, I think he’ll win!

    And EEEEEEEEE GROSBEAK! Had one on my feeder last week for the first time ever. Such a gorgeous bird.

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  2. For not having much going on you have a lot going on, lol. I hope Edward keeps it together! It has rained so much here and my horses have been in sheets for the past week because it’s also been chilly! So much mud but they are happy because there is also grass.

    Totally random but I’m trying to sell a 4 zone heat pump so if you end up needing one I have one cheap that was fully functional when removed. I just wanted regular heat after our wood burner chimney caught on fire one winter so we replaced it with a regular a/c and furnace system (I love you regular heat). Probably unlikely but I’m tired of looking at it sitting there so putting it out there to the world.

    You will have to get lots of media of Remus going BN!

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  3. Can’t wait to see how Remus does! It’s officially warm here and all the animals are lazy lazy. If this is any preview of the summer, we’re going to be in big trouble

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  4. Yay for Remus showing!!! That’s exciting. I’m also excited for him to come home and be in your everyday life again.
    As for the home stuff… You’re in the country now. You will always have mice. Sorry. Hopefully the other stuff is quick and easy to fix. I have a loose faucet in the kitchen and two leaky ones in the barn, but no one around here will recommend a plumber! Lol. Anyway, I feel you.
    Can’t wait for the horse show recap!

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