Schnauzer Sunday

Tail is always wagging! But isnt her cut adorable??

Where did Saturday go? Anyway just a quick Schnauzer Sunday so you can see Bernie’s new groom! She got her summer cut. Now I really can’t tell the difference between her and Ollie except by the length of their ears!!


Gretchen has slowed down a lot the last week or so. Bit worried about her to be honest…may be a vet check up in her future soon.
This is Bernie but doesn’t she look like Ollie?? LOL it takes me a second to identify photos!

I hope everyone at Rolex is having a fantastic time. I am still upset I didn’t get to go but as luck would have it we went to a local Combined Training yesterday in Mississippi to support my friend Steph (poor Mark at a horse show all afternoon lol as the times were not when they said they would be!!) AND a Porta Grazer rep was there so that was great to see them in person and talk to her all about them. I was excited to get to handle them in person. They really are well built. And honestly her prices were a bit less and NO shipping fees since I could pick up locally! Might try one once Remus is back! COOL! So at least I got to see something new by going there.

Bernie loves Gretchen….LOL

Happy weekend, how can it be Monday tomorrow already!?? Hopefully tomorrow I will hear from my truck though I can’t say I am unhappy driving this Titan around. This is one NICE truck. Ha





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