Flying Cross Mini Trial: Remus


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Me when I ride

The grounds at Flying Cross are amazing. We had buckets of rain the night before but even so the footing was decent (albeit wet) and we had a not too heathen time of 10 something for Remus’s dressage (and May’s and others) so we didn’t have to get up at 0 dark thirty.

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Remus to May…

Remus has a life-long longing to be May’s boyfriend so he screamed a bit while warming up but otherwise was a hell of a lot better than when I attempt to do dressage with him. He ended up with a 32.9 which is amazing for him but alas all the scores were very good on this particular day so he was in the middle of the pack. This is a long ass video and I apologize but I only got snippets but Emily (who is the friend of the year here) got the whole thing. Including all the bobbles but some nice movements too. Overall I was very pleased with him. And again ET rode him like a champ rather than me riding like a chimp! HA

It was amazing having a whole group helping out. I pretty much got to stand there and be nervous while getting Remus ready. I could get used to the help!

Once dressage was over I offered to take Remus so ET could coach the rest of the riders she had brought with her for the show, so Remus and I went back to the trailer to chill. Where it proceeded to rain.  Emily texted me saying I could put him in the big trailer but my trailer was right there so my awesome horse self-loaded then I climbed in there with him to get out of the cold rain. What a good pony. And yes I was covered in hay sitting on the bucket in front of him. Cause YUM SNACKS!



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pretty sure this is me with my nerves

We had quite a long break before his stadium so we chilled in the trailer then it finally stopped raining and everyone came back from dressage. It was a very laid back group to hang out with which is very appreciative to me since my nerves were still bad. Poor Emily and Erin pretty much had to film everything since I just wanted to vomit. But then it was time to go. Remus was a bit lazy per normal (stadium is NOT his favorite nor mine) and he ended up with two rails. Overall especially after hitting the second rail he jumped better. Now remember this, even though it was a soft course it is still BN so the biggest Remus had ever jumped in competition. I was very pleased and so was ET. This pretty much meant we weren’t going to place well but I really didn’t give two shits about that sooooo…good pony again!! Watch if you want. I can’t watch it again 🙂 HA


Cross Country

Three of my fave peeps in one shot (Emily, ET and Remus)! Yes I was too nervous to go there and stand with them.

Then it was time to go cross country OMG. Yes I still wanted to vomit. Ummm he did amazing but he literally almost stopped at the ditch. THE SAME DITCH HE JUMPED FRIDAY WITH NO EFFORT OR LOOKING. Ohhhh, Remus. But he was clear and he was wonderful and I am so happy with him. My very favorite video is below (thank you Erin for getting this). I have lots more and even the ditch debacle is on video but I just want to end with this video. I love Remus’s game face (for him). And yes you have to wait a bit.  He is no speed demon for sure! But it is worth the wait!

So Remus finally went Beginner Novice (and hey even my saddle went BN!). I was bursting with pride. ET again did a FABULOUS job with him. It is not easy going from riding Thoroughbreds to riding Fat Buckskins and she did it seamlessly. I was so proud and happy for him and her.

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Once ET finished, Remus was huffing and puffing so I grabbed him from her and we proceeded to cool him out. I was hot to trot to get one the road heading home with him but knew I had to get him cool and comfy. PLUS right after ET got off Remus, a girl fell off in Stadium and it was a nasty fall. The horse took off and took all the rope down surrounding the stadium and the girl laid there forever. People were with her but they ended up calling a fire truck (why??) and an ambulance that literally blocked the road to get out. Umm guess I was going to be there a bit longer.


It was fine since I always think it is rude to leave an event while someone is laying on the ground after a fall so I meandered my way to the trailer to untack Remus and throw his cooler on and then we went back to watch May go cross country. EXCEPT CC was shut down while all this was going on so poor May had to wait. AND wait. And wait. Finally the rider was taken to the hospital (sounded like she was going to be okay) and May went off cross country and did amazing!

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Me to Emily!

I said my farewells once we got back to the trailers and feel like I have a new barn family. And oh of course because this photo never gets old there was this. Those barn kids. LOL

barn kids saying goodbye to Remus so cute

Now I get to decide what to do with Remus next. Of course TN has come up with a lovely hot spell with bugs galore now that he is home. But I am figuring out things. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday to all. Now I have no content left. What a week of blogging for me! Thanks for riding along with me!

12 thoughts on “Flying Cross Mini Trial: Remus

  1. Oh he looks great out there! I love his game face as well! He’s just so cute. Definitely has fans everywhere ❤ Congrats on your first BN completion! He definitely was a little lazy during stadium and then after that second downed rail was like 'well crap I guess I have to try' LOLOLOL

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  2. Go Remus! I love how you can tell he thinks he’s going SO FAST on cross country. Looks like he’s having a ton of fun! I also love that you were that nervous just spectating! Congrats on a great day! Can’t wait to see you out there doing the thing with him!


    1. SO SO nervous. IT is nuts I thought it was from riding him but guess what it is not! LOL thanks so much!! (And yes he thinks he is SO fast i dont tell him that he isn’t)!


  3. You wanted to vomit watching? I’m glad you didn’t actually vomit but I guess getting it on your clothes while watching wouldn’t be as big of a deal lol

    I’m glad he was so good and showed you that he can definitely go out there and get it done!

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