Cross Country Schooling: Remus Style

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I wish I could have gotten to 88 miles per hour and teleported there LOL!

Friday: Large Media Alert You Have Been Warned! 🙂  

So let’s backtrack a bit. On Friday, as I was merrily (okay not so merrily) clocking the miles off on my way to Remus in Kentucky, ET’s barn had a impromptu schooling night at the venue where the horse trials would be held on Sunday. Remus was lucky enough to go along for the ride.

This may be my favorite shot from Friday night….(Remus thinks he is galloping)

Remus hadn’t been schooled cross country in a very long while. (I do not count the show in October as cross country as most of those jumps were so tiny they were not even jumps). It has to be over a year if not closer to two years! I figured he would be a good boy but you never know. Emily was texting me media as I drove (so whenever I stopped for gas I took a quick look at them). I thought Remus looked a bit sluggish at first (which surprised me considering he usually hypes up for CC, well hypes up FOR HIM). But then he perked up. Anyway he had a very successful schooling! Take a look. And pay attention to the tail flips! So sassy!



Remus loves water so I had to laugh at these that Emily sent me! Also look out for a photobomb by May! See if you can spot that great yellow mare!

The slow mo on this one is GREAT and I may have watched a few times too many? Naww…

Remus going down to the water!


Remus going up from the water!


This one below is obviously his first time (and he has never dropped into water before so I have to say I am mighty proud of him!). What a good pony right?


He had a great time schooling with everyone and I have to thank ET for the careful, nuanced way she encouraged Remus and never overfaced him. You can’t buy that in stores, people! I was so lucky to have found a trainer like this even if she is a few hundred miles away/ And I have to thank Emily AGAIN for the videoing too!! It was almost like I was there even though at that time I was still hundred of miles away!!

I promise tomorrow I have stuff from the horse trials (or maybe I will make you wait till Friday)….bahhahahaha…

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