Late Night Lesson!

Image result for long night gifI am going to try to keep this short. Or as short as I can since the day was never ending!

Arrival!! Remus had company and was so happy..

I picked up my friend Steph and her mare Cici on the way to our lesson in Missisippi. Guys it was a long ass night. I go to sleep at 830 most nights (or go to bed at least). I got in bed Friday night at 11:45 pm. Yes. It was a long ass night. Let’s just say holy cow. UGH.

I did want to steal Loretta the rescue filly. Is she not ADORABLE?

We had a lesson with a woman who is right over the state line in Mississippi. Her ring is lovely, her facility is great. She taught great. It just was a long night. I thought she was going to teach us both at the same time but instead she taught one of us at the same time and I let my friend go first. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. HA!

It turned out to be an amazing lesson once I got on (at like 8 pm??).  I watched Steph’s lesson but in hindsight would have put Remus’s fly sheet on while waiting. The flies were awful (they are awful everywhere) and I literally sat there on a jump standard watching, while I swatted flies on my horse. It was a great lesson to watch as Steph and Cici had some stumbling blocks but got through them, then the instructor actually got on CiCi to show Steph some things. It was not horrible watching all this but I could have left poor Remus on the trailer. Things I learned anyway! Buy this fly spray guys. I am serious! It smells so good and works!

This fly spray was my friend on Friday night! Seriously. I sprayed the bomber flies then when they dropped to ground stomped on them! HA

I got no media of me that night riding. But Remus by the time we got on was just like let’s get this shit over with. The instructor asked right away where he was sent to be trained. 🙂 Remus had his shit together that night. Like the walk was forward his head was steady, the trot was amazing!! We went both ways while she helped me a bit with his steadiness in the trot and so on but she was like okay let’s canter. And I drew to a halt and explained that this the issue I have. Cantering. I don’t like it.

Image result for dont like it gif
me re cantering

So she promptly said, well let’s get going. You are going to canter. A lot. And I went umm. Okay? And guess what? We cantered off just about perfectly. And then we cantered. And cantered. OMG I almost died. I think I forgot to breath a few times. BUT WE DID IT. And I honestly cantered more than I have ever cantered. HA

no media of us so I will put a photo of Stephanie and CiCi here!

She explained to me that the more I canter the better I will feel about it. She asked me what I was nervous about and I was like ummm…not sure. She said will Remus do stupid things (She obviously loved him and wanted to keep him by now)? And I said…umm no. So she said. What is scaring you? And I was like I don’t know. SO she sent me out to canter some more! HA! It was very eyeopening that I was so scared. Of nothing. SMH I am an idiot. A few transitions took longer than they should of due to me dying trying to breathe but Remus was PERFECT. WTF Is wrong with me. He was so damn good that whole lesson I was about to burst. She was a fan club of Remus the minute she saw him but she was just so surprised how well he moved and listened. My horse. HA!

Image result for really gif
My face

We then (it was dark by now but she had lights in her ring) went over a cross rail. And this is when everything went to shit. Remus just plowed thru the cross rail. The ring lights were set up so the corners were dark and we were jumping to a dark corner and Remus had been scared of shit outside the whole ride (He was good but looky). So we just popped through a couple then called it a night.

It was fun riding with someone new and even better when that new person kept complimenting me on my choice of trainer that I sent Remus too (She was like wow she did a fantastic job on him! HA). I will definitely go back but on my own probably! She definitely helped me with Remus and I liked her teaching style. It just was a bit of a time mismanagement issue is all.

Image result for time gif

We got the horses cooled off then loaded them. The place is about an hour away so by the time I dropped Steph off it was 11 pm. ELEVEN PM! WTF. I am no night owl. I got home unloaded Remus set up his stall and turned off the lights and went inside and just about passed out. WHEW what a day. Remus was screaming once we dropped CiCi off but was okay at home on his own again. Such a good boy he was. He never really put a foot wrong. So it was a crazy adventure but it was great to ride in a ring again and feel how awesome my horse is!!

IMG_2379 (1).jpeg
Felt the same boy, felt the same

The good news is that I took Saturday off but I rode my horse again at home on Sunday. More to come but yay! Two days in one weekend? OH BEHAVE! And what fun things did you guys get up to this weekend? My bubble is about to burst though as I head to Dad’s next weekend to bring him down here. Oh and our A/C is on the blitz again. Sigh. Happy Memorial Day!  Okay this was not short. Sorry! 🙂

Image result for oh behave gif

8 thoughts on “Late Night Lesson!

  1. You sound like me! I am in bed by 830pm too. HA!! I’m so happy for you to get a great lesson in. Cantering is my nemesis as well. I just don’t feel as in control in the canter. I love how she was like “great go do it until you die”

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  2. what a perfect gentleman! it sounds like a great lesson all things considered. bummer on the time mgmt for sure – but you’ll totally resolve that next time, i’m certain!

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  3. Getting to the root of fear is the quickest/easiest way to overcome it – though absolutely some fears are completely irrational and have no real root. I’m glad you found someone to work with who will constructively/safely guide you through it!

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