Riding At Home on Sunday!

ignore the old lady skin but Suck it Up Buttercup! Love it 🙂

So my friends Stephanie and Henry brought their horses over on Sunday and we rode in my front field and yes this means I rode twice in 3 days. That is a world record for me, you all.

Image result for get the fuck out  gif

I am also on my fourth blog post in four days. I am on a roll. Who AM I? 🙂

Barley (Henry’s TWH) and Remus preferred standing in the shade watching Cici!

It was early Sunday am but still warmish already.

My field up top is pretty damn flat for a riding area. Which hopefully means they come to ride there more often with me. Remus was DOA lazy (and I forgot/can’t find my spurs) so I had to snag a branch off a tree. But it worked a charm and I cantered (YES ME) both ways of the field. So yay me? He was really good and we had a nice moving canter (well for Remus anyway). We had fun riding together and except for it getting hot fast it was great. Maybe I will get some jumps out there sometime. We will see!

all done and tied up. Remus went in front of his fan and screamed for them even though they were right there. Sigh horse.

My neighbor walked up the street with his dog to see what was going on as the owners before us never rode. He loved seeing all the horses and seeing us use the property.

Could he get any closer to that fan??

I hope they come back soon! And onto other things at the farm. Critters. More critters (some may be the same critters who knows?).

Turtle in barn! I had to move her out of Remus’s stall twice. She was very offended ha!
Bernie is very skeptical of said turtle on front porch. Same turtle? Different one? who knows!
Turtle in dog yard…same turtle who knows?
IMG_2436 (1)
hello there

Then we have a big ass lizard in my barn along with some skinks (no photos there). And this was in my tack room yesterday. It is bigger in the photo then it was in real life but ick.


Never know what you will see here. Each day is an adventure!!  Speaking of adventures, let’s hope the AC people fix my air conditioning today. I am dying from heat here in my house.  Wish us luck!

Image result for turn the air conditioner on ms seinfeld
Me totally each evening

20 thoughts on “Riding At Home on Sunday!

  1. When you noted “flat field” my first thought was, “ooohh she should get some jumps!” only to read down a little further and see you note that same thing. 🙂 Fingers crossed for you! How fun would that be?!

    And I freaking LOVE all the wildlife you have on your property. Especially all of the reptiles and amphibians. Too freaking cool.

    And I think Remus is trying to BE the fan in that photo lol

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    1. I know the turtles are fascinating. the one at our front door was a lot smaller the one (ones)behind our apartment in the dog yard and the one in the barn I think is different too. But it could be one turtle on roller skates ? 🙂 hahaha


      1. Blech… I know they’re not bad and they don’t want to hurt you so I try to leave them alone. But if they’re in my house, I’m getting the vacuum

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  2. I wonder if you could put a dot of something colorful but harmless on the shell(s) of the turtles to see if they’re the same or many different ones. Like maybe nail polish?

    That spider is horrifying but whenever I see one my second reaction is to remind myself that they’re good bug predators. My first reaction is to shudder and want it to die.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lol – one turtle on roller skates! hahaha The turtles are neat, but I would take a flamethrower to the spider. Too bad to burn down the barn, but that seems to be the best option, imho.

    Oh – and great that you are riding more at home! woohoo!

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