It Was the Flux Capacitator: And Oops He Did It Again!

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It was the flux capacitator!! Air conditioning is FIXED! YAY. But the tech didn’t get to our house till almost 9 pm last night. DUDES I was almost catanonic on the couch by then. It did cool up last night and we had a lovely breeze blowing in from the storm doors but still. DAMN AIR CONDITIONING. But it was the capaciator (flux) and Mark and I both looked at each other and laughed. AND dang that air felt fantastic last night! Whew.

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Meanwhile on crazy ass farm, Remus decided to lose his tiny tiny mind again. Over…not a pig. But people. Our neighbors across the street but catty corner from us (the ones with the branches the other day) were standing on their dock. On the pond. And Remus could not even. Not even a bit.

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Remus again

I had to leave the Kubota parked with Ollie in it and walk Remus’s ass all the way up to the barn (backwards for some of it) because he was so damn spooky he was trying to rear. Remus then got into the stall and TRIED TO JUMP OUT OF THE DUTCH DOOR. So I had to shut that door and the door in front of his stall guard so he could totally get his brain back. But he wasn’t eating or drinking doing nothing but spinning (AKA LIKE WHEN THE PIG came by).Image result for i hate him gif

I even walked out into the paddock to make sure the pig wasn’t around (he wasn’t). My horse is a jerk at times like this and I hate him for it. THIS is why I am a chicken shit and fearful. Because he pulls things like this crap. I rode him up in that field the other day and could not get him to move. He was fine out in the field it was when I took him out to walk up he just lost it because. THERE WERE TWO PEOPLE ON HIS PLANET WHEN THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN? WHO KNOWS?? What if I had been riding him? Would I have died? Who knows?

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We were still waiting on the a/c tech at that time so before running out to grab some fast food I gave him a quick squirt of Ace to chill him out (he had settled enough I could give it to him but still was wiggy). By the time we got back he was much better so I tucked him in with his food he still wasnt eating and shut off the lights. (Don’t worry all food was eaten by morning!)

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me last nite to Remus

I then texted Emily saying I was going to sell him or give him away. I really was fed up to here last nite. I know he is alone so that might be part of it. BUT PEOPLE. STANDING ON A DOCK?? This is the same road I hacked him down the other day. UGH Something between him and me has gotta give. Or his ass is heading back to Kentucky. On consignment.

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me last night

Remus is a star in a boarding facility. In my backyard, not so much. I can get a friend for him but I worry then I will have two looney toons to lead back up. And honestly if Mark had been taking care of Remus yesterday he would not have been able to handle him.

Of course this morning he was FINE. Perfectly normal. Dr.  Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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So this has been a tough week for me workwise, ac wise, weatherwise and horsewise. Can I take a nap now till Sunday? I am exhausted from life.

Meanwhile my lovely husband is going to drive to VA to get my dad for me so I can take care of things here and not have to take off work. My lovely husband. He doesn’t deserve the crazy that is me. Especially with crazy ass animals around! 🙂 Sooooo how is your week going?

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Work lately


17 thoughts on “It Was the Flux Capacitator: And Oops He Did It Again!

  1. I mean… we would love to have Remus back 😉

    But I am sorry your week has been so crummy. Fingers crossed that cooler air from the AC leads to smoother sailing.

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  2. I get it – when they do something you don’t expect and someone could get hurt, I start to rethink everything big time. Maybe a stately, calm, older pasture mate?

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  3. I know this feeling, but best never to make the decision to sell a horse after the bad day, always wait until you have a good day and see how you feel.

    If the good day isn’t enough to change your mind, then you have your answer.

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  4. Damn, that really sucks. Especially since you have this amazing mini-farm that you made perfect just for him and he’s clearly an ungrateful bastard. I think it’s time for a donkey friend. Even if Remus decides that’s not enough, at least you’ll be entertained by donkey antics.

    On a positive note, your gif game is ON POINT.

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    1. hahaha my life is one big gif 🙂 and yes he is a shit. He is tucked in his stall with FOUR fans on him. He should be worshipping the ground I walk on 🙂 HA HA HAH thanks


  5. Oh Remus. I imagine a buddy would help, but you need a buddy with a brain. Not one that will feed off him like Tate did.
    What a nitwit. I can relate. Jamp was a nitwit too. They’re lucky we love them!
    (Also, pony might also be a nitwit. Going to treat for ulcers and get a trainer friend over asap. Or maybe we can have a two for one sale.)

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    1. oh they come and give him carrots. ALL THE TIME. he is a nitwit. (The horse not the neighbor). He is fine now that day something crawled up his ass. (And the day he did this he was coming in due to the bugs being so bad I can’t leave him out nonstop or he will be sucked dry). But again…totally fine now when he sees them. Idiot 🙂 HA!


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