Trouble With Truck, Flabbergasted by Flies

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Me to my Ridgeline

Yes. My truck. Is in the shop. Again. WTF. Something up front is leaking now and if it turns out something else chewed (hence voiding the warranty paying again) I will go and strangle very single squirrel I see outside. I had a horrendous day working yesterday only to have stuff gushing out of the front of my truck when I went to pick up my online order from Walmart last night.

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There was cussing. Plenty of cussing. My lovely neighbor came and picked me up and ran me out to Enterprise so I had at least something to drive till Mark got back with dad (They are in Knoxville now heading my way!). My peace will be ending soon…lol

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Who else watched Fringe? What a freaky fantastic show right?

And the tow truck just left with the Ridgeline this morning on the way to Honda. Again.  (Anyone doing the math it was just a bit over a month ago it was at the dealer being fixed).

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I have a feeling truck shopping just moved to the head of my list of things to do! Fool me once…and all that shit. UGH. I mean it is a Honda. It should drive forever. Unless it is a rodent issue and then I am going to go all Rambo on the critters. But yesterday I felt like crawling into a fetal ball.

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And as for flies? I keep thinking that I am getting a handle on them. Then they swarm again. Poor Remus was out front yesterday covered from head to foot in fly apparatus. And when I went to get him (he was by the gate so  I knew something was up) he had like five big horseflies. UNDER HIS SHEET. F*CKERS. They did not live to see another day. BUT still. I was so annoyed. They are bad in the barn still too unless the fans are going.

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me to the flies….

I literally have the fans running most of the day and night and Remus can go out at night but he barely ventures out of his stall at night (except to poop, guys my horse is litter box trained (or paddock trained he poops outside), what a good boy). The flies are THAT bad. I have two more different fly sheets coming. I keep thinking that maybe if it gets hotter they won’t be that bad. Until then death to all flies. I have a lethal concoction I made just to spray on the barn doors where they land (I may have just done an evil cackle just then). I also have a fly swatter in the barn and by the front door to kill ALL FLIES.

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Me again to the flies.EVERY DAMN DAY I kill so many flies. I am getting really good almost Voldermort good at it!

So that is my midweek moan. I have no way to haul to another lesson so far either this week.  Hope others are having a better week than I am. COME ON FRIDAY!


14 thoughts on “Trouble With Truck, Flabbergasted by Flies

  1. That’s frustrating about your truck!! My family used to have a ridgeline, and it was ALWAYS getting fixed for some reason or another. We assumed ours was some kind of lemon or something… but I dunno. And flies are the WORST. I put neem oil on Tanta’s tummy and it works really well for repelling the bugs. It stinks though…


  2. I really hope it isn’t chewed up again. Sorry your week hasn’t been great. New truck shopping is fun though! I love the smell of a new vehicle. During medical school Dusty and I would go test drive just for fun on the weekend sometimes. Probably annoyed the sales people but we enjoyed it.

    The flies sound killer. Have you looked into the black fly traps? I see them on Facebook. They seem to work really well but I don’t know anyone with them

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  3. Car trouble is the worst so I feel for you. Our flies actually haven’t been that bad (knock on wood) but it’s only June. We do have the fans on ALL the time though

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  4. When I got my new truck it was like my life changed. I can do whatever I want and go wherever I want without being worried about the oil, or this or that and the impending doom of the old one’s inevitable death (and my potential carbon monoxide poisoning).

    My only regret is not buying one sooner because of the peace of mind and savings I would have on diesel (new car is so much more efficient).

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  5. Ugh, we had a Ridgeline and it was ALWAYS in the shop. And truck shopping is simultaneously fun (omg NEW TRUCK SMELL) and horrifying (omg I don’t want a car payment….)

    I love my Durango but I’m iffy about towing with it (more accurately, I’m iffy about putting the $900 or so into it that it would cost to install the hitch, wiring, and transmission cooler that I really ought to have if I’m going to tow anything bigger than a garden trailer up to the trailheads- the speed limit is 25 all the way up there but there’s one steep grade in particular that I wouldn’t want to take a chance with.)


  6. Ugh I am so sorry about your truck that really sucks.

    Have you tried those really smelly fly catching bags? They stink awful but they really work (though maybe you have way more flies than I can fathom)

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