Schnauzer Sunday

It is Schnauzer Sunday!

Well good morning!

While my turkey hen is still around and she had lots of babies last week she then showed up with just this one the other day then that was gone so pretty sure something was picking them off. Horrible horrible critters.  Such a shame. Same with my ducklings only there a day or so and gone. 😦


Anyway, the hummingbirds are out again! I have a window feeder and am thrilled with how much activity I am getting. Which is great because the stupid raccoon drinks the regular feeders. UGH.

so adorable so tiny

We also have a woodpecker who is fearless with me filling feeders and usually lands very close to me ready to get in the feeder.

IMG_2473 (1)
Yumm.. i actually have a few pairs of these as I can see them up and down the trees outside my office window too!

Onto the dogs. Ollie gets a feature this week. He sure does love his Kubota!


He cracks me up so much.

Happy dog likes to go riding! The other two are not as much a fan of it. Bernie tries to jump out and Gretchen is so in her own world I don’t even think she knows we have one!

Gretchen prefers laps thanks
Nap time!

And we had rain and cooler temps this weekend so Remus enjoyed some downtime in the rain. The flies are back now, when I went to bring him up last night, I didn’t have my phone but wish I had since he had no less than 10 horse flies on each side of his sheet. The big ones! And blood streaming everywhere. UGH  horrible horrible things.  I have to do hazmat control before walking him up. Spray spray slam slam, spray spray. KILL.  He is in the barn today (with the door open) standing in front of his fan, munching hay. It is a shame since the grass is so good right now but he literally can’t be out but maybe half hour a day before they run him in.

He literally stood out in the rain….for hours on Friday. It must have felt good.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. My dad is here so we are pretty much just waiting on him. I hope to ride sometime in the next year. HA. I did get my truck back but will save that for another post. YES something had chewed it again. SMH….

Image result for kill them all gif
Me to whatever is chewing on my truck. DEATH TO ALL RODENTS! (Squirrels, rats, mice whatever)!

7 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sunday

  1. I’m laughing at the pic of Remus in the rain. May refused to come in yesterday, when it was raining, because there were finally no flies and she could eat in peace. Poor ponies. Hopefully they calm down soon.

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