Happy Remusversary!

omg we had no idea what we were doing back then did we?? HA

Happy Remusversary to me!

First event!

Today SEVEN years ago (HOW THE HELL HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG?) I found Remus. On Craigslist. And got him as a ‘free lease’. World’s longest free lease, am I right?

First cross country schooling!

Anyway, good or bad, he is the best pony most days. Mark was laughing as he watched me roll by on the side by side the other day taking Remus out front. He said he was just following along, no worries. And that in a nutshell is how Remus and I roll. We follow each other along, usually screwing up majorly, but having fun as we go!

Love this shot!
Looks like we are both going to pass out in this one

Even if he is treated more like the family dog than like a horse he is definitely part of the family. Everyone should have a big buckskin Golden Retriever! šŸ™‚


thumbnail_66A4498 (1)

WATER 2No matter what this silly buckskin does he makes most people smile including me! Here is to lots more years and maybe we can get back to competing soon. All these photos make me want to get back out there!!

download (10)You knew I had to end with this one, OH REMUS! (to those who don’t follow along we were clear this round even though he bucked between EVERY FENCE). HA! Gotta love him. Happy Hump day!


Image result for he is mine gif
hahahaha I am pretty sure he is mine now no matter the paperwork! šŸ™‚

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