A Year Ago Tomorrow We Bought Our House in Tennessee

IMG_5179 (1)
Waiting for cable a year ago..no furniture in the house, note the dogs got the only furniture in the house while I sat on the floor 🙂

How can it be a year already? In some ways it seems forever too. But a year ago tomorrow we closed on our house in Tennessee and I headed south from Delaware with two dogs, a cat, and 3 snails. (We still have the two dogs, the cat and one of the snails).

All these photos above were from our last day in Delaware. I still miss my friends in Delaware and I even miss my house and yard but I am happy we moved to our little farm. (At least I will be when the horseflies leave)!

IMG_5123 (1)
entry to our property
304 Faulk Rd, Millington, TN 38053
Home sweet Home (I guess LOL) This is from the sale photo of the house, it looks a bit different now!
the real reason we bought the place!

Happy Weekend all! Thank goodness it is Friday! I am hoping for a lesson this weekend and I may (MAY) have signed up for a CT. Next weekend. Yeah I am pretty crazy! HA

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16 thoughts on “A Year Ago Tomorrow We Bought Our House in Tennessee

    1. we have fish tanks. I gave away my fish before we moved but brough my snails with me (Nerite snails). Two didn’t make it but the one is doing great in our tank in Tenn. We have a bunch of mollie sailfish now black and gold. We are insane 🙂


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