What a Weekend: Fences & Shade Cloth, What Fun!

Hello Mr. Hognose.Β 

Schnauzer Sunday was skipped this weekend just due to lack of time. Why you ask? Well we started on Saturday morning at 7:30 reconfiguring the electric fence. And the weekend took off from there and never stopped. Whew. I literally fell into bed at 10 pm last nite after going out to clean stalls and put farm vehicles away and so on.

He was not very big but very cool patterns….luckily Mark didn’t hit him with the weedeater and he moseyed on his way

I had a guy come and cut our field on Thursday last week (the parts I couldn’t reach due to the terrain, etc). My last words to him were stay away from the pond edges. First day in guess what happened?

Yep, it took him almost a full day to get the tractor out and get it running again. He did a great job (after the pond fiasco) but we had to redo the fence since we had to pull it all up to let him mow. So bright and early Saturday morning, Mark and I were out doing Fencing 101. Thank goodness for our new little Kubota side by side. That thing is worth it’s weight in gold.

Ollie was a big help Saturday morning (no he wasn’t but he is sure cute).

After figuring out we wanted to go around the pond and open the front field a bit more so there are more hills to ride on and for Remus to meander around, we started work.

We had to move a lot of poles and tape. My knuckles hurt typing this from all the grappling we did.

Ollie’s knuckles do not hurt. LOL

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I think it turned out great though. Now for the flies to leave us alone a bit. Speaking of flies, our next project this weekend was shade for the barn. I bought a couple of the Kool Kurtains (pricey but nicely built) and then we went to the only Lowes near us that sells the shade cloth by the foot.Β  It was quite comical watching us measuring and cutting that stuff in Lowes. But we got it done!

These are heavier duty and have grommets. The shade cloth we just stapled up there. Remus did not want to walk through it this am but he figured it out.
Poor Mark I am always throwing him up on a ladder!

The barn door gets over 120 degrees with a normal sunny day so I am hoping to cool the barn temps a bit and also cut down on the amount of flies that get in, though the little black ones are popping up now and those things are annoying!! Photos below show the finished tasks. The first two are the front doors and the last one is the back door one that was a cheaper lighter shade cloth since the sun and bugs are not as bad that way. The things we do for our horses, right? Anyone else tried this? This way I can do stalls in morning with the doors open and lights on and not as many flies come in to visit! And on the relative cool days I could technically leave the barn doors open to let the breeze in.

I also managed to get a lesson in this weekend, more to come later this week on that. And of course Remus’s fly sheet collection grows. And one day I am planning to do a blog posting on all my fly apparal and what ranks good and what tanks. Anyone interested in that topic? Because let’s just admit I am a damn expert now! HA!

So far so good the zebra print really seems to help. The construction of this sheet could be better though but it is light and airy. Stay tuned for more

Did everyone else have busy weekends? By the time I fell into bed last night I felt like I had been in a boxing match. All muscles are aching today. Fun times. At least it is never boring? I about killed my husband this weekend. I think he is glad he is traveling for work this week. To get away from me and the farm!

IMG_2574 (1)
I need to take a page out of his book! LOL Excellent hat holder he is!
Yes he got up in this and refused to get out yesterday while I went inside. Photobomb by cardinal LOL Oh Ollie πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “What a Weekend: Fences & Shade Cloth, What Fun!

  1. Wow, productive weekend! I can’t believe that dude rolled his tractor into the pond… Sheesh. Your place is looking beautiful! I’ve read that zebra print is helpful against the flies, but I wasn’t sure if I believed it.

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  2. I think the kool kurtains sound like a great idea! I hope they help.

    I still can’t believe that guy got stuck in your pond! At least you all managed to be productive πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I told him not to get close to the pond. Men can be quite stupid sometimes. And yes there was no lazing about this weekend. As I was driving to my lesson I was thinking we may be a bit crazy.

      The Kool Kurtains have dutch doors too. I am so tempted to buy them but they are almost hte same price as the long ones i got for the doors. But i am serious next year i hope to get doors installed with screens. DEATH TO ALL BUGS. hate

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  3. Sometimes I specifically DON’T warn my husband about stuff, because he’s too often all “challenge accepted!” and attempts it anyway. Then when it all goes wrong it’s “why didn’t you tell me that could happen!?” so I figure I’ve got nothing to lose, lol.
    I’d be totally interested in a fly sheet comparision. The zebra looks cute!

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  4. I’ve considered the kool kurtains but haven’t taken the plunge. Looking forward to a review sometime in the future from you! I did upgrade to the rambo fly sheets with vamoose for the chestnuts which definitely is helpful but not a 100% thing. I considered the other weird colored models of horseware fly sheets but I have to do detachable neck or P uses it to maim himself itching. Ponies!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Stampede still wins as ultimate special needs horse but P and these summer skin allergy/bug sensitivity issues after a winter of poop issues is trying to keep up. We are trying him on zyrtec currently. I guess he’s allowed to have issues at 30? I almost got the evolution for Stampede but was worried about it holding up since it’s a finer mesh than the Rambo. You have a lot of reviewing of things in your future!


  5. haha – don’t get too close to the pond – guy proceeds to drive too close to the pond. oops!

    The screens/shades are a great idea – I’ve been meaning to try something like that. It is on my mile-long list of stuff to do. πŸ™‚

    Yes – please do a fly product round up! I’ve heard great things about the zebra sheets. And the BBC reported on it, so it must be true! (https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/47315460)

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  6. Oh god, dudes and their power toys and utter inability to listen to women who you know, actually know the property…. Years ago, we had a guy clearing some brush for us at my family’s farm in central Texas. Warned him about two or three soft spots (and potential sinkholes) where there are springs- they’re all very clearly marked with flags FOR THIS EXACT REASON (well, for the reason that my brother is a menace with the Jeep that preceeded our side-by-side there). He dropped the bulldozer into a sinkhole. Brought his brother’s bulldozer to dig it a ramp to get it out. Got THAT ONE stuck. Bulldozer #3 (borrowed from a cousin’s brother in law’s ex girlfrend’s uncle or something) was successfully used to extricate bulldozers 1 & 2 (and finish the job of clearing the space where Mom and Dad’s new house at the farm was built. πŸ™‚

    I’m efinitely interested in your fly sheet/stuff reviews. We have evil deerflies here and while I didn’t spot any flies at all at the barn when I went out for a tour, I suspect Pone may need something, especially once monsoon season starts and it gets what counts as damper for New Mexico!

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  7. I don;t know why that guy thought taking his tractor for a swim was a good idea! Sounds like the kind of weekend I have all the time. Exhausting!

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