Schnauzer Sunday

My dad enjoyed the side by side while here!

Not a whole lot of photos today for Schnauzer Sunday. Too hot to take photos this week. We got a big storm last night but it did not really cool everything off. Hot again today (Remus is already shut up in barn with all the fans going at 8 AM) then storms tonight then high 80s this week which is better than high 90s! Whew. I am in a horse show hangover mode. I feel beat. That heat took it out of me. But we survived!

Frog legs always are welcomed! 

Bernie is worried about life in general, right. She sleeps harder than any dog. And in the oddest positions

My dad’s dog slept among all the toys all week.


And Ollie for some reason had no photos this week. Which is unusual. So we will rerun one!IMG_2510

And that is it for Schnauzer Sunday. I will just leave you with this teaser from the show yesterday. More to come.

It was very very hot, but we did do this 🙂

9 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sunday

  1. Your dad’s dog is really cute. And I think Bernie needs a few more bed options. She’s SUFFERING in that tiny bed. Poor Bernie! And cookies. Bernie needs cookies. And coffee. I need coffee. And a cupcake. Can you send me a gluten free/dairy free cupcake and some coffee with soy milk please? And make sure Bernie gets cookies. She texted me and told me she needs cookies.

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