Combined Training Tomorrow Means Heat Miser Time

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Pretty much Tennessee right now

I’m Mr. Heat Blister
I’m Mr. One Hundred and one
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.
I’m too much!

HORSE SHOW TIME? WHAT WAS I THINKING? It is going to be hot tomorrow. Like 105-110 heat index by midday. UGH. Luckily dressage is pretty early so should not be too bad but I am thinking my itty bitty walk trot test is still going to be tough to get through with Remus. See below for the test. What we should do and what we probably will do. Must remember my spurs.

Enter A working trot (Ha more like a medium trot if we are lucky)

Halt at X through medium walk. (Remus screeches his brakes to a quarter horse stop UGH)

Salute – Proceed working trot (gotta get him moving again)

C Track left, working trot rising. Balance and bend in turn. (Sigh probably not possible to balance AND turn AND bend)

E Circle left 20 meters, working trot rising  (not 10 meters, not 15 meters, but 20, Michele)

Between K & A Medium walk. Willing and balanced transition; walk rhythm. (Walk, try to animate Remus without letting him break, it will be fun)

F-E Free walk. Complete freedom to stretch neck forward and downward;
clear walk rhythm, straightness on the diagonal; ground cover. (The only way Remus will stretch is to eat grass OR fall down to roll!)

E-H Medium walk. Willing and balanced transition; clear walk rhythm. (see above)

Between H & C Working trot rising. Willing and balanced transition; clear trot rhythm. (Get him moving again)

B Circle right 20 meters, working trot rising. Roundness and size of circle; clear trot rhythm and bend. (umm sure?)

A down centerline(THANK GOD IT IS ALMOST OVER)


Salute. (Try not to fall off from heat stroke...)

Then we have like four hours till jumping. My schedule for jumping is like 2 something.  I am hoping to do both dressage and jumping but am retaining the possibility of just doing dressage if it is as hot as they say it is going to be. Remus needs a bath today, my tack needs cleaning, Mark gets back from a work trip at 5 tonight and I have to pick him up from the airport, and work is crazy. Fun fun fun, this is why we do this right?? Stay cool my friends! Happy weekend! See you on the flip side of humidity!

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6 thoughts on “Combined Training Tomorrow Means Heat Miser Time

  1. Oh man.. . I do not envy you with the heat. I will probably just try to ride earlier in the day both days this weekend. Then again… we are supposed to get storms, so WHO KNOWS

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  2. I sent you our awful weekend forecast just because I’m nice like that. I’m pretty sure you laughed at me for something at some point and this is payback?

    Did we both blog a lot this week? Woah.

    What is next week’s blog challenge?

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    1. Thanks dainty skinned Remus has a HUGE bug bump on his girth area right where the girth will go. SOOOOO let’s see if it is still bad in the am I will have to scratch. It is huge. I am sure some is edema…damn horse, and damn bugs.


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