Porta-Grazer Purchased!

nom nom nom (notice the sweat drying on his neck it was hot hot hot)

So I did a thing at the show. The vendor was back with the Porta-Grazers and maybe the heat got to me but anyway, I bought one. At the show, Remus dived into both the grass hay one and the alfalfa one. And munched while we talked. And seemed to like it.

can you come back later for me, thank!

I have it home now and results are middle of the road. I like it but Remus is eating from it only some of the time. And I find getting the pan out to fill it, is a BITCH. How do you guys that have one deal with it. It does not seem to make sense, you line up the tabs and pull up, then twist? Not intuitive. I literally almost sweated to death trying to get the pan out to fill it last night. Also it is heavier than it looks (I mean it is supposedly the travel version). Moving it from stall to stall is doable but it is awkward to move.

Image result for bad decision gif
Not saying I made a mistake. Just a happy accident

I am going to attempt to pull the hay apart a bit more to see if Remus will start using it more.  I know there is a learning curve. And I know my horse is spoiled more than any other horse in the world. HA. I am sure once he get used to this I will like it more. I know in the winter I will definitely like it and I realize that it takes time for horses to get used to them. I have cut back on his food in the hay feeder to see if he will eat it but not too much yet. He loved it the first day. SMH

Image result for bad decision gif

Have you ever bought a (higher priced) horse item and then been a bit disappointed with it?

Fat buckskin was not a mistake purchase 🙂 Wait a minute, I didn’t buy him! HA

I am off to NOLA for work (leaving tonight, back Friday). I am driving since I can’t stand having to fly north, west, or south to get 400 miles to NOLA (stupid Memphis airport has  (very few) nonstop flights)! HA. Wish Mark luck with the animals. He is going to need it. Remus alone may or may not have a 2 page document on how to take care of him. I know I know I have issues!  Happy Wednesday all!

Related image
At least I admit I have a problem!

16 thoughts on “Porta-Grazer Purchased!

  1. I considered one of these for Spicy but the price eventually chased me off. Also, knowing my luck, he’d try and kill himself on it somehow. I just stick with the old standby hay net, and the rest of his hay he just gets on the ground. But he’s not on a diet either!!

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  2. I don’t think there is any issue with a 2 page list for pet care! I made a 3 pager for the dogs when we left last………..

    And interesting re: portagrazer initial review. Had no idea they were so heavy!

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  3. Line the arrow on the grazer handle up with the hole in the pan. This lines the tabs up and you can just pull out 🙂
    Also, put the hay in in a lower case n, or upside down U. They fold over each other. This distributes the hay evenly under the pan and makes eating easier. I am surprised the guy didn’t tell you all this? I feel like those two things are probably the biggest complaint they get!
    I love mine, June loves it too. I think it’s a really good slow feeder option. My pan does have a big crack in it, but they’re like 100 bucks to replace, so we’re making do with it for now. At the price point it’s at, I would expect it to last longer…


    1. I do that and it still is a bitch to get out…..but maybe it is user issue? Ha and my alfalfa doesnt go into a u or a n. The instructions have that but my sections are so small it really works only if i put them in standing up. Learning curve 😉 HA i would be pissed if my pan was broke already…..

      I also think Remus will be more likely to eat from it once it is winter and there is no grass.


      1. Yeah I can’t put straight alfalfa in there without it crumbling so I use it for mix or grass hay…
        interesting you’re still having trouble getting the pan out. I wonder if it’s the right size pan for the grazer???

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    2. Yeah both mine you line up with the arrow and they pop right out. I think you should ask the company. Of course I feel the same about your pan cracking Nadia. Unless you think June is extra hard on it I would see if they would replace.
      I still love my feeders and Stampede in particular chooses it over hay on the ground always. P is a piglet so give him food and he eats it no matter where it is, lol.
      What size openings did you do?

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      1. i think they only sell the bigger openings now or the rep I bought from does. Again I think the pan is just stiff from being new maybe that is it. Remus loved it at the show so sure he will ‘get into it’ soon. Glad your guys love it!


  4. I think Amber would get frustrated very quickly and break it lol. Slow-feed hay bags that are supposed to be reinforced and whatnot? Yeah no. She figures those out really quickly or she ravages it until one part is open and allows for easier access. Usually that takes only a week lol. But, I’d love to know how Remus gets on with it as time goes on! And my friend is helping us this weekend taking care of the horses, and she’s nervous there’s a lot to do, but we’re trying to make it easy for her LOLOL

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  5. My mom has one for her guy and he loves it! he kicks it around and stomps on it and it’s held up- i think he bent the barrel or the pan a little bit (he’s a draft cross) so it can be sticky to fill but it’s not bad enough that she can’t use it. Hope Remus enjoys his and it makes your life easier once he gets used to it!


  6. I was thinking of getting these for inside the stalls. We just throw hay on the ground and then the horses pee in it or toss it all around and grind it into the dirt so we have a lot of waste. But the cost is so high and Eeyore can’t have nice things as he destroys it all. His corner feed pan is in pieces and barley hanging on the wall and his water bucket can’t be filled all the way due to a crack. And he is only inside for maybe 10 minutes a day.


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