What a Week, What a Road Trip

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Me trying to get home Saturday night

I seriously have a big backlog of blogs, emails, and websites to catch up on now that I am home. Life last week never slowed down.

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My email inbox needs one of these.

Since I was in the office for three days we had a HUGE amount of meetings (both onsite and offsite). I am not a meetings person persay so to say I was done with meetings by Weds afternoon that would not be lying. At all. UGH.

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It was nice catching up with people but I am very happy today to be back in my home office to catch the hell up on the email that just kept coming into my inbox even though I was in meetings. Crazy ass times.

Then, I spent a couple days at Dad’s after the partial work week. And that was not just catching up on my reading or getting to surf and catch up on blogs. Nope, that was crazy too. I left around midday on Saturday and headed south.

Very excited to be going south and I went the North Carolina way just to go a different way. Big mistake. HUGE. By the time I got to my stopping point (Asheville or around there), every hotel room in NC seemed to be booked. I am used to just booking on my phone when I get to an area I want to stop, so when I opened the app and searched and everything was sold out, I was like WTF.

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KC I was tempted to head your way but I had already passed the turnoff and it was like 10 pm on Saturday when I realized all this, so I just kept driving. So much fun to drive through a windy, narrow, mountain range in pitch black, when you are really exhausted. I tried to stop in the truck two or three times to rest my eyes but really couldnt sleep. But my eyes were so strained I had to stop to rest them. Plus people are insane on the road. Less volume but just as much crazy.

I see you mountains up ahead (just a peek)

I pulled into home yesterday around 830 am. (If I had done a hotel room I would have been in about early afternoon yesterday). Next time I will book ahead. I have gone the VA way the last few times and had no issues finding a room. Tourists really LOVE NC. Or they were giving the rooms away. Or something.

Pretty sunset at least this was before all my troubles started ha!

I finally crossed the TN line in the middle of the mountains. And was happy to see but still had about 6-7 hours to go…..

No one was on the road so took a quick snap. HOWEVER this was blurry and this was about as blurry as my eyes by this point (this was about 11 pm or so??)  I still had many hours and miles to go.

By midnight I was near Knoxville. I stopped before Nashville around 3 am to rest in truck and still continued on. By 4 am I was rolling through Nashville.  By 6 am I wasn’t sure if I was driving the truck or if the truck was just carrying me. I had pulled an all nighter and it was not as fun as ones I did in college. Duly noted.

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I was a zombie yesterday and still have zombie tendencies today. SO out of it. But thank goodness Remus was still in Mississippi so I didn’t have to tend to him. Now to make plans to go get him once I wake up from my seven-day nap! HA I wish. However, my truck is totally worth it after putting it through the ride from hell. So glad I got it. It was comfy, SO good on gas (shocking right?), and just what I needed.

So, did anyone miss me? 🙂 Besides Emily that is. Ha ha. You guys have been busy! I have to go read more and catch up. I might need more coffee.

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A lot of Dilbert in my life last week! 🙂 So true!

15 thoughts on “What a Week, What a Road Trip

  1. I am exhausted just reading this. I remember the drive from NJ to KY with all of our stuff (ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO), and the only thing I remember from the last couple of hours was staring at the back of the uhaul.

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  2. Sorry, didn’t miss you at all… But I guess I’m just “crazy” like that. Or was that “insane”? I can’t remember… lol

    I’m tired and grumpy and Main Street, Delaware Ave, AND South College are ALL torn up… No idea what they’re doing to South College but today there were flaggers out and one lane signs… wtf?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA I saw you. I forgot to mention that. So yes you didnt miss me because I picked on you all Tuesday evening 🙂 HA! …..Crazy was what I said. Hi all this is Sarah and she is crazy (just like me) HA HA HA


      1. I think you left out the “like me” comment… We were all crazy, someone was insane, and someone was normal…. lol

        But I’ve had enough of you for now. Enjoy TN until I need you to rescue me from DE insanity and then you can come back here and deal with this craziness… lol


  3. OMG dirving gets tougher and tougher as we get older. I could power through a xc road trip NO problem in my 20s and now I am barely able to do 12 hours…
    Glad you made it home safely!!

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  4. omg girl dont do that again!!!!!! we need you in one piece plz.

    I did the same on the way back from kentucky – we just drove until we hit a spot to quit and then I looked for rooms online. I think I would’ve shit myself if everything was sold out.

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    1. I actually thought my phone wasn’t working. LOL (I may have been a tad bit crazy already by that time). HA thanks i was just glad I didnt have a dog, or a horse, or an elderly father with me 🙂 HA


  5. All those meetings all at once sound dreadful. As does driving through the night! Glad you’re home and hope you feel back to normal and caught up on sleep soon!

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