Radio Silence: Whoops, Where Did This Week Go?

How Remus feels about Summer….

I have gone to write this post every day this week and never finished it. Now Thursday is here and I swear I dont even remember Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. I am so busy with work I barely eat or shower at home.  (TMI?) I need to take some me time some time in the future.


Image result for bumpy fruit

Today Remus heads to summer camp for a couple weeks while I travel to VA and DE this weekend for the next week. At least his hives and bumps will heal at summer camp, I hope. He is so bumpy still though they usually go down fast. Poor guy looks like a lumpy Mandarin more than a horse lately. Even though the bugs have significantly dropped he still gets eaten alive at certain times (we also had a shitload of rain and cooler temps this week but the heat index is back though not as bad as you poor people in the NE).

Image result for running  gif
Remus MAY be Cartman!


Yesterday when I went to bring Remus up I drove the RTV up to the gate (I had to bring him early due to the flies being so bad) and he literally bucked and ran to meet me at the gate from the far corner up the hill and back down again (Sadly the phone was indoors so I didnt get media of this strange event). Of course regal beast that he is, he ran to the gate for me to spray the horseflies off him (and promptly almost fell over coughing since he had just drank a bunch of water before he saw me going to the gate). Next time, Remus swallow your water before running. HA.

Image result for exercise is hard gif
Pretty sure this is how Remus feels…

I am heading up North this weekend for the next week (work, seeing my dad, etc.) and of COURSE the weather is supposed to be low 80s here with low 60s at night. I am sure when I get back the heat will come back. I can’t win. Anyway, Remus will have fun at camp I am sure, being around a bunch of horses and getting ridden some. At least he will have fun being around the horses and being in front of a fan during the day.   The riding part he might not be so happy about!

Image result for freedom gif
How Mark feels without having animals to take care of (He still has to take care of the cat and fish but still) 🙂

And Mark won’t have to deal with the horse. (Or the dogs as they are being dropped off at boarding on Monday by Mark and he will pick up on Friday). Mark won’t know WHAT to do all week but at least he won’t stress about getting home to the dogs! HA.  Or deal with a fat buckskin!

Image result for summer camp gif
I wish Remus was this excited about it. HA

Happy weekend early to all. I will keep up with blog reading but doubt I post much until I am back. Life just needs to slow down a wee bit. Anyone else going crazy lately?

Ollie likes the truck and wants to road trip!

10 thoughts on “Radio Silence: Whoops, Where Did This Week Go?

  1. agreed on the crazy. i’ll admit, there are times where I wonder if i can drop my dog off at the kennel for JUST ONE NIGHT… not to go away anywhere but just to not have to do anything for him…

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  2. have a great trip! and here’s hoping that Remus likes camp 😉

    you chose the wrong time to come north tho lol, temps here are no better than what you’ve been getting!

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