The Life of a (Fat) Buckskin Is So Hard

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if the weather improves I might even dance a bit! 🙂

Still hot, still muggy, still buggy. But after today it is supposed to be mid-80s all weekend with even a dip into the 60s at night maybe. BE STILL MY HEART.  Fingers crossed it happens or  I am going to be one mad person.

You servant, come fetch me my breakfast! And put me in front of a fan!

I let Remus out at 6:20 this morning. It was 75 and not too hot yet and bugs didn’t seem too bad. Um. Yeah. Three minutes after I turned him out he was at the gate grumping to come in.  Not happy about being outdoors at all.  The flies were bad but not horrible. He is so spoiled. I made him stay out till I got the barn all cleaned up and set up for the day.

Still not happy but encouraged I am coming closer to him at least.

I then went out to the barn and did all my chores while he glared from his corner.

still waiting!

By the time I finished up and went to go get him in he was actually grazing but still within reach of the gate.

I am right here…waiting..and eating.

And then when I got to the gate he proceeded to ignore me till I turned away to walk away then he was like. Wait I was just kidding TAKE ME IN!


So spoiled. So now Sir Rides Very Little is tucked in front of his million and one fans. Loving life again.

I saw two twin fawns yesterday driving out. Tried to get better shots of them, Mom had jumped in front of me and left them behind (I am sure she circled back and got them later after I drove away but yeah Mom not nice leaving babies behind). They were so cute. Also we had turkeys racing each other down our driveway yesterday morning. I didn’t have my phone or it would have been hilarious. It was like they were drag racing each other down the pavement. The wildlife here is still amazing. Though I am about to kill some raccoons if they dont stop destroying my bird feeders. UGH. We also have at least one Kingfisher pair in our pond area. I could watch them swerve up and down from the water and up in the trees forever. So fascinating.  Never boring at least.

Anyway I haven’t ridden anymore this week but going to look at that barn today to check it out and I have a lesson this weekend with Shannyn. So at least will ride once. I may try to ride at home if the weather does cool up but not sure about bugs. Last night I tried to let Remus out early and the bugs were so horrendous (they really were) I had to put him back up.  Poor Remus. Up in front of fans eating hay. Life is tough.

Image result for bugs life gif
The bugs here. 

How is the weather and how are the bugs in your neck of your woods? Has Texas cooled down any yet? Is Australia nice and cool now? Can I come visit? And are any of your horses as spoiled as Remus? I think he takes the cake right? Pretty sure he does.

Image result for spoiled rotten gif
Remus seriously…LOL

14 thoughts on “The Life of a (Fat) Buckskin Is So Hard

  1. My horses are not spoiled at all. I don’t even own a fan. Poor horses are out all day and all night. They are shiny and happy though. Our bugs are not bad here so we are pretty lucky in that regard. The stinging bugs are awful though. I went 37 years with never being stung and have had 6 this year! Wasps and ground bees can all die.


    1. Oh the wasps will be out soon. September last year i got stung a few times. They are horrid creatures. But right now the bomber horse flies are the worse, followed by black flies, and so on. Remus would DIE at your place (Though maybe he wouldn’t lots of grass and not as many bugs)! 🙂 Just he is such a pig the fact he doesn’t eat shows you they are bad!! 🙂 Good luck with your wasps. I dread that part coming up!! They like to strike me as I walk by HARD (The hit hurts almost as much as the sting!!)


  2. It’s been very humid here this week and in the low 90’s so not super lovely, but I hate winter so much, I’ll take it! The bugs haven’t been bad, but the little black houseflies are coming out now. Little jerks like to bite!
    I hope the barn is nice and will work out for lessons for you! Can’t wait to read about it!

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    1. Ha was your nose itching today? I was telling Remus as I walked him up to barn that he should be so glad to have so much open space and that was going to send him up to you (ha) and he can stay in the barn and one of her horses can come here instead 😉 HA HAHA (So I was thinking of you today)!


  3. The flies are so bad here. And it’s hot. Like, stick-your-whole-body-in-an-oven-when-it’s-at-450-degrees hot lol. And it’s been more humid too. Like 10%, but that still drives us from being 111 to 121 so hallelujah. Yay desert. The horses have fans but it’s just more oven-heated air blowing but uh…at least it’s air? lol And we have more spiders this year too. I mean, we’ve left the resident tarantula alone because it eats other spiders and all the flies, but I saw a really big black spider near my neglected stuff in the tack room and I am just praying that it’s not a black widow. *shudders*

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  4. Yep, it’s very nice here at the moment! Its 21c today (60F) but getting up to 27c on Wednesday (80F) before it rains for 5 days straight. We don’t normally get to 27 in winter! Dreading but also happy to get the rain. I am hoping it goes more inland where they need it most.

    I hope it cools down for you soon!

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  5. We have RAIN!!!! Finally! It was only 83 today and the dog stayed outside all day. Does that mean it’s fall? (Who am I kidding, we still have another month of this hot hell)

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