Fall Is Coming (Even Though It Is Still Hot)!

IMG_3271 (1)
Small Town America on 9/11/19. So amazing to see this….never forget!

Fall always has been able to make me smile (but I still hate Winter). Maybe it falls back onto the feeling I always got going back to school. I was no scholar but something about going back to school in September, always made me perk up. Anyway, today I turned Remus out for a bit around 6 am and while the flies are still bad, it feels like Fall (so what it was 70 at 6:30 in the morning and will be a heat index of 110 later today). I still feel it!

I spy a fat buckskin and some fall colors creeping in!

And today Remus actually stayed out for almost an hour and I got some photos. This is why we bought a place to keep my horse at home. THIS is what I love doing. Looking out my front door and seeing my fat buckskin in his field. Grazing, meandering, and enjoying himself. While still keeping an eye out for me. Always.

Wondering if breakfast is ready!

So as to this moment, I am pretty happy here. Yes it is hot as blazes most days, we haven’t had rain in weeks, the flies are still bad in the day and evening, and so on.

He makes me smile too…..always with a nicker he greets me…(I know it is for the food)!
He matches the leaves!

But the place is gorgeous, Remus is pretty damn happy even on his own, and I have another lesson this week. This makes three in a row. This needs to be written down in the family bible for sure. Mark and I head to Virginia next week to see Dad so I had to get another one in quick!

Image result for road trip gif
First time Mark and I have driven together all that way, for a very long time. Let’s hope it doesn’t go all Thelma and Louise on us 🙂

What makes you happy? Sometimes it is the small things that make me smile! Happy Wednesday!

Image result for happy gif

7 thoughts on “Fall Is Coming (Even Though It Is Still Hot)!

  1. It is SO GORGEOUS! The small things about having the horses home makes me smile, too. Just piddling around the barn, mucking, cleaning up loose bits of hay, listening to the horses eat. It’s just so magical.

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  2. I really like fall – we get the crisp temps and changing leaves pretty quickly here. I just wish fall could last until, say, January? So we don’t have 18 months of winter… I love sweaters and fleece jackets and all the colours of fall. But not the dark nights and impending doom that follows. (I live in Canada, sorry about the winter drama, lol)

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  3. I have this theory for people who live places that are pretty hot – I grew up in a place that summer was miserable too, not humid but a dry triple digit heat. July-Aug always depressed me and still does because it was the hottest part of the year. Sept it starts to cool down and I can feel my spirits pick back up and stay even throughout the rest of the year until the next summer (winters were wet but we also always had indoor arenas). You probably have what I call reverse SADs too lol

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