Road Trip Time

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It has been a crazy few weeks and about to get even more crazy. Mark and I head to VA on Thursday to try to organize my dad’s house a bit more so we can get it on the market. Family….

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Seriously my family in a nutshell!

So blog silence probably until late next week. But not much is happening anyway! It is hot still here. It is dry as hell here. We still have bugs, We still need rain. Which means when we finally get rain it will be a flood. Sigh. We just can’t win.

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How I feel a bit lately…

I will try to keep up with all the blogs. Otherwise, peace out. Hopefully by the time I get back this damn heat wave will have fizzled out a bit since I am signing up for a show the 28th. Fun times? Ha.Ā  I haven’t jumped a full course since June. It will be fun. Right?

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Pretty sure this will be me on the day of the show. I am getting queasy thinking about it now.

Since I missed Schnauzer Sunday last week, here are a few shots of the dogs to fill this blog post out. And yes the AC was running in the truck when I took those first two photos! Too hot for pups in a truck these days without leaving it running. But they wanted to go!

IMG_3277 (1)
Not a dog but Mark’s new truck! How cute is this???Finally, he got a grown up car :)I love it….

Have a great week (or so)!! Think of me (and Mark)!

11 thoughts on “Road Trip Time

    1. it is like my truck had a baby šŸ™‚ but hey it has a tow package šŸ™‚ HA this is huge for Mark (You know how tiny his cars are usually) HA HA (Not that we are using it for towing it is a little 6 cylinder) šŸ™‚


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