Lesson Today, Horse Show Tomorrow!

I mean LOOK at that sky!! Perfect!

Today I woke up and it felt like FALL! It was crisp and cool and even now at 3:16 PM REMUS is out in the field, grazing. Loving this. We hauled out for a lesson this morning and it was a good one! The first few jumps we were out of sync and just not doing it right. The last round where I went around four jumps (two cross rails, two oxers) we nailed it! We also cantered both ways without even a pissy attitude let alone a buck. Not sure who this horse is but I like it!!

Remus’s winter coat is coming in. Lots of dapples and hair growing in. He is also even darker than last week.

So we have a show at the barn where I lesson tomorrow. I am sure it will be a lot of kids but a few adults I ride with are going. Remus is no hunter so we may end up in the jumper division (he is no jumper either). But it will be fun. And I need to get out more. SO OUT WE GO. Yikes. My instructor said she was signing me up for stuff and will tell me tomorrow. LOL oh jeez. I may be in trouble??

Image result for you will do what i say when i say gif

1. Walk/Trot Eq on Flat
2. Walk/Trot Cavaletti/Trail
3. Walk/Trot Cavaletti/Trail
4. Walk/Trot Cavaletti Judge My Ride
5. X-Rails Eq on Flat
6. X-Rails O/F
7. X-Rails O/F
8. X-Rails O/F Judge My Ride
9. Child/Adult Hunter Eq on Flat
11. Child/Adult Hunter 2ft O/F
12. Child/Adult Hunter 2ft O/F
13. Child/Adult Hunter 2ft O/F Judge My Ride
14. Child/Adult Jumper 2ft – 2’3″ w/2′ 6″ option
15. Child/Adult Jumper 2ft – 2’3″ w/2′ 6″ option
16. Child/Adult Jumper 2ft – 2’3″ w/2′ 6″ option Judge My Ride
20. Collegiate – Flat
21. Collegiate – O/F

Not too many classes and it is very casual. I asked if we (buckskin, me, and being an eventer) will stick out like a sore thumb and she said no. Hmm we will see. I am not going to be as purple as usual and I found my tan breeches way way way in the back of the closet. Here we go!! Wish us luck!!

Remus was not impressed this morning, wait till I haul him again tomorrow bhahahha

8 thoughts on “Lesson Today, Horse Show Tomorrow!

  1. Oh I can’t wait to read about it! And I hate to say this to you… but Remus could very well do the hunters. He jumps really square, and he’s completely adorable. Sorry! Hahaha! (You can just drop him off up here, I’ll take him in the hunters for you.)

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