Ollie the Breeze

IMG_3108So Ollie and his love affair for all things orange (that move) continues. He even runs to the tractor but can’t figure out how to get on that. But I took him for a ride on the Kubota, down the road the other day, and videoed his delight in being in the breeze. Then Mark had the idea of putting music to it. Ha….enjoy! If it doesn’t make you smile, you have no heart! 🙂

Also, Hillary and company stopped by for a layover again the other night on their way to Kentucky. So not only did I get to see Bea again, but I got to meet Dobby as well as Hillary’s dogs!!  Who are better behaved than mine! That is not saying much really though.

made it thru the gate! (almost thru it at this point)
The very large house elf Dobby was perfectly behaved in the barn all night!! He makes Hillary look tiny in his trailer. He is a big boy. And so sweet!

Bea continues to entertain as only a toddler can. She has to be one of the happiest babies ever and Dobby adores her. So cute.  I wish Hillary the best of luck this week at RRP!!  Is anyone going to watch RRP this week?? I wish I wasn’t traveling next week or I would have tried to go. Silly work.

Happy Wednesday all!! (week is halfway over, YES.)

Image result for week is flying by gif

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