Schnauzer Saturday

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Yes I haven’t done one in FOREVER. Enjoy!! It has been a busy month! First off take a look at the line on the 23rd of December when I went and picked up our turkey!! Crazy. I will say they had it all figured out and I literally stood in line for about 10 minutes. It looked like it would take HOURS. It didnt! They were very nice there as I swapped from a full roasted turkey to a smoked turkey breast since it was just me and Mark (Dad has treatment starting Monday so they chose not to come down to TN). And let me just tell you the food from there was to die for (Honeybaked Ham). SO worth it!

We bought ourselves a new pen this December for our dogs. It is not huge but it allows them to be outside when we are outside (They dont like being in it if we are inside, ask us how we know, Ollie is so loud hahahha). Gretchen of course doesn’t need the pen! She is pretty perfect. The other two not so much!

Even though it has been so warm all holiday week, I have still been doing a lot of under the blankets on the couch and the dogs are here to help me!

Useless really. Both me and them! I did go help at the barn a few times to feed while the barn help is away. 35 horses to take care of versus 2 is a HUGE difference in case you didn’t know the obvious HA HA HA. I go again tonight. 🙂


Bernie continues to crack us up. She is hilarious and obviously very stressed this holiday (No she isn’t)! She has learned to sit the last few months and now is learning to give her paw. I want to get her to an obedience class she is so smart I think she would do great. She is still wild but does have her quiet times.

She is so strikingly beautiful in my mind. Maybe just me but I am biased I know!

I got both her and Ollie DNA kits for Christmas so will take bets on a later post on what we think those two are made of breed-wise. I keep laughing that Ollie is going to be a pit/greyhound/great dane mix. Bernie is part hellhound and part raptor, I say 🙂 HAHAHAHA We will have to see, won’t we?

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Happy holidays to all. I have managed to ride my horse a few times and need to post about that early next week.  He continues to be a good (albeit muddy) pony!! UGH THE MUD. It is real. 🙂 Whenever he comes up for air at the hay feeder that is 🙂



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