Lesson Recap & Schnauzer Sunday

Image result for Buckle up gifThis is a big post today, lots to cover…..buckle up. It might get bumpy! (I actually broke it down so the third part of this post that was subtitled WTF 2020 will be posted tomorrow, it was getting way too long)!

Lesson Recap

Image result for kite gifWe had a lesson on Friday. Note the weather was 78 degrees and HOT and humid on Thursday. Friday…umm it had chilled up to low 50s and the wind was blowing hard. I went to go to my lesson never thinking I might have a kite instead of a horse. Silly me.

He was snorty getting ready but the barn help reassured me he had gone out in the big field with Mickey the Mini on Thursday so was out all day in a bigger field than usual. Alas he pigged out on what little grass there was and did not run around. Why do you ask?

Cows? What are those things? OMG IT MOVED. (Him and Presto might need to start a support group just saying)

Because I had to lunge my horse before I got on. Umm excuse me?? Remus? I have had not had to lunge him for almost 2 years. Yeah…he was going around in circles snorting when I was trying to get him to stand at the mounting block.Ā  This is new. Also no horses were out in the fields (due to damn rain rain and more rain) either so he was sure he was going to die. AND FINALLY a cow decided to moo and run in the next door field, as I was trying to get on. So as I stood there undecided (do I throw a leg over him or not?), Poppy yelled from the barn, you might want to put him on the lunge line. HA HA I think she saw my indecision from quite a few yards away.

Still not sure…

So I put him on the lunge and only wish I had had my phone in my hand because Remus….Remus trotted and cantered for over 15 minutes and would not stop. His first few trots around his hump in his back was HUGE. He finally got that out and then proceeded to trot the heck out of that circle. His hind leg was moving under him. I was like hmm he can move if he wants to. This horse felt GOOD. Then he was cantering and cross firing cause he was so excited. Back to trot. After a while I finally got him to halt and stand for a few minutes. I then proceeded to get on hoping I still had a horse under me (Usually 3 minutes is his limit on a lunge line without dying) and/or he wouldn’t take off bucking (Either could of happened!). At least he stood at the mounting block and I could get on him but I didnt put my gloves on till another horse joined us. He was still up and I was like knowing my luck he will scoot when I take a hand off the reins. Oh Remus. Never a dull boy.

Image result for never dull gif

So anyway after all that bother, we started our lesson. This time I was in a lesson with Piper the barn owner’s 10 year old daughter. Who I think I should lesson with her all the time. When she is brave I am a chicken and vice versa. We do well together. She also adores Remus (and he loves her she often rides him in lessons she loves to jump him just not flat him). The kid is actually 10 going on 21. We get along well. (What does this say about my mentality? Shush now and just keep reading!).

Image result for shush gif

But because of this the jumps were low. I did not complain. There was one gate but otherwise it was tiny crossrails. But that was okay. Because. I FINALLY RODE. And didn’t freeze up. The first few times over I froze as normal. And then after discussing it with Poppy and the 10 year old I got my head out of my ass and rode. And made Remus steady and wait after the first tiny jump and then asked him to jump over the gate and actually counted going toward the gate. AND WE DID IT. And then we did it again over some more jumps. it was like a total aha moment. 53 years old. And still learning. But by me actually, you know RIDING to the jumps and not throwing the reins away and saying Remus take the wheel, we did some very nice jumps. Who knew? Not me.Image result for Jesus take the wheel gif

It was probably one of the best lessons I had in a while. I was wearing spurs and even though I didn’t need them Remus was polite and not pissy and just a good boy. He was even a bit hot when we got done which is unusual but since he had lunged first not unexpected. But a shitty beginning turned out to be okay in the end so yay?? Who knew learning to ride was so hard? I am sure I will have forgotten how to ride again by my next lesson. We will see…..

Image result for Jesus take the wheel gif

Schnauzer Sunday

Now, let’s enjoy some photos of puppies (and a token photo of the cat). We all need this this week. Right? Enjoy!

Gretchen is enjoying life and still wearing blankets (it is cold here again today UGH)

Bernie is stressing per normal. By the way, we have had her a year today. Happy gotcha day Bernie. šŸ™‚ So cute..SO BAD! HA.

Ollie is relaxing too. Though he had one moment this week when I went to get a drink and saw this. Yes he is on the kitchen table. Face palm. (oops not supposed to touch your face. VIRTUAL FACE PALM!)

He rules the roost and he knows it!

And last but not least. Peeves is still kicking! He looks skinny still but also purring and chasing the dogs when he feels like it.


Happy Sunday! UGH Never dreaded a Monday more! šŸ˜¦ Stay safe all!

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